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I am Sparta! (Hi.)

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Hello Everyone,

Just played some DayZ after several months of giving up with it, and I've become highly interested in a Day Z server where I have a fighting chance at living for more than 10 minutes. I'm hoping this RP server is it. I look forward to meeting all of you in game, from what I've seen on youtube, you're a fun bunch.


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Haiyo! Welcome to DayZRP!

When you mention Youtube, could it by any chance be Vulcan?

It is indeed Vulcan. Just saw his profile today, subbed and immediately wanted to join this server. I love the idea of actually interacting with people before I get shot in the face ;P

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I've never felt so welcome :P

So anxious, just can't wait for the Whitelist app to go through :)

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Haha, I knew it! Good thing Vulcan is bringing in newcomers, despite how full our servers are at times ^^ I hope I'll see you in the server sometime soon!

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