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A plea: Confirm your targets

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So, following last nights mess at the safehouse, I descided to make this thread. I am not convinced it will do much good, but I feel I have to get this out of my system.

There has been an uncountable number of KoS reports where the victims have been victims of assosication, which means they are shot because they are A: In the proximity of the bandits real target or/and B:Have roughly similar appearance as the bandits real target.

I will not deny the possibility/likelyhood that some of these KoS-reports are made from people with a chip on their shoulder and not writing the report for real reasons, and instead just want payback against their killer.

But this is far from the case with every report like this.

Being a bandit is a tough job, I've tried it myself and trying to stick to all the rules can get you killed. But they are still the rules and they are there for a reason. If this makes a bandit's job so much harder, then so be it. For some that want the easy street, tough luck. For others, consider it a challenge to get the job done right. And I am fully aware of how challenging what I say next can be in the heat of a firefight.

So here's my plea: Check your targets. Especielly if you're trying to rob the safe house and are opening up on people there. Work on the assumption that innocent bystanders are running around, and dont just open up "because I saw someone in the immidiate area". This rings especielly true to bandit snipers. When you squeeze that trigger, please be 100% certain that the target is someone resisting banditry and has been warned.

My suggestion is that the people on the ground trying to rob repeat robbery warnings -very- often to make sure it reaches any new people in the area.

This mostly rings true to popular zones of course. I reckon there isnt the same need for caution if you're just robbing some loner out in the woods. But I hope you see my point here.

I really dont want to see another wave of KoS-reports involving the safehouse. The place seems to be doing more harm to people then good at the moment.

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