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Guest JJHatton

[Bio] - Jonathon "InSane" Sane

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Guest JJHatton

Hi, my name is Jonathon! I'm new here and I've heard about DayZRP through PsiSyndicate's videos. I love the idea of making a character bio and I thought I'd make one for fun.

I am not going to try and whitelist seeming as I'm 14 and don't even have the game but I'd like your thoughs on "Jonathon Sane".

Would you befriend him in-game?

Would you be scared of him?

Do you think, if I did try to whitelist, that this bio would be good enough to get in? (I understand about other factors like waiting list and too many players but if it was purely decided on the bio.)

By the way, my last name is Jonathon Hatton (IRL).

Jonathon Sane A.K.A John Sane A.K.A InSane

Age: 24

Height: 5” 9

Birthplace: London, England

Previous Profession: Insane Asylum Patient

Demeaner in 3 words: Cunning, Insane, Scary

“Jonathon Sane” – An ironic name for one of Britain’s most chronically-severe psychotic sociopaths. The seemingly charming man, is a master of manipulation. convicted of 1st degree murder; torture and Arson, he manipulates people into letting their guard down and strikes when least expected. One of his main hobbies is kidnapping random people and torturing them until he gets bored. He is incredibly cunning and if you’re on his hit list… Don’t expect to wake up the next time you go to sleep.

Jonathon’s ‘parents’ weren’t good people. His father was a con-man who was constantly in and out of prison. He was a dirty, bald, overweight man who had a very short temper. If Jonathon didn’t do as he was told, he would be severely abused. In many different ways; physically, mentally etc... His father would come home and use Jonathon as a punching bag so he could work off some anger. He’d constantly call him “Useless!”, “Mistake!”, “Failure!”. But, Jonathon never cried, he just ignored it.

His mother was a suicidal drug addict who once tried to sell Jonathon to paedophiles for drugs. She was a part time prostitute and full time drug dealer who was often gone for months at a time. I doubt she knew Jonathon’s name, frankly, she didn’t care.

Jonathon had a curiosity in the human body and in the dead. He often captured, tortured and killed small animals. As the abuse from his parents increased, so did the amount and size of the animals along with the intricacy of his traps. He started from insects then to mice and rats, then to squirrels and birds and then to dogs and cats. He was not satisfied with the amount of blood and flesh. He wanted more. When Jonathon was 10 his parents were found dead in the bath. Their distorted, mangled bodies were cut open and their insides were scattered across the room. Jonathon was found sitting in a pool of blood next to their bodies with the scariest smile on his face. His clothes and skin were covered in dark red blood and grey intestines.

When the police officers asked him what had happened he replied “I thought this room would look better in red. Makes it stand out, doesn’t it?”

He was then sent to juvenile hall and a mental health clinic for children. The doctors there declared him as “Incurable” and was sent to a German asylum called “Asyl für Geisteskranke” when he was 18. After dropping his nurse from a 6th story window, when he was 23, he was sent to the highest security prison in the world. The locals called it “Satan’s nest” as even the toughest men are broken.

The outbreak of the virus had already been subtly spreading throughout Germany and because of the unhealthy conditions of Asyl für Geisteskranke the infected spread like wild fire. Fortunatelly for Jonathon, he didn’t catch the virus as he was being held in an icolated cell and barely had any contact with others.

Within a few minutes, the boat turned from living to dead, except for Jonathon. He escaped and used an escape raft to paddle to the nearest shore. Unfortunately for its members, Chernarus was the place he saw first.

Reality hit him. He was free man now. No one knew him here and he could do whatever he wanted to do freely.

That is exactly what he planned to do.

// >:D

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