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Hello Day z rp (Hopefully)

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Supposedly i gotta to make a thread to actually get into the game so uh whazz up? i hope to play with u whether u be my friends my enemies or some random guy that u see out of the corner of your eye but u don't think he really is there and your just jumpy and then he tries to kill u with an axe and u run away and u tell yourself "Hah i told ya so" But anyway's im glad to be here on this site and hopefully be glad to join the server only problem right now is the whole find the forum that is locked so i can use the passphrase on it and get the passphrase for the server. but once i fu=igure it out hopefully the poepl who reads my white list application accept me and well i'd just be plain happy any help or fist tips is appreciated and also where to find said locked forum would be good to so yea nice talking to u random guny on the internet readying my forum and i know your name to it's carl yea dont think i dont know it im watching u carl u guy

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