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wild untamed vehicles

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I have been playing on this server for about two weeks now, and I haven't seen a single vehicle spawn yet.

All I see it nicely patched up cars driving around with people already in them, but wherever I go I never seem to bump into a unused car or ATV of some sort that needs repairs, but otherwise 100% unowned.

I refuse to steal, and therefore want to find my own car.

Is there any part of the map that has better chances to find anything?

It doesn't really matter what car it is. Not a bus or large truck though, those are a bit hard to hide in bushes.

I mainly roam between the south / middle south and middle north.

I didn't really search anywhere else so far, but somehow can't find anything repairable or otherwise clearly owned by someone.

I found a black SUV hidden somewhere once, that's a donation item even, so I just let it be. I'm playing DAYZ the hard and honest way. :P

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Your on a very active server m8. New vehicle spawns are snapped up in a heartbeat normally straight after server restarts when they spawn.

The recent update and restart I went straight to the V3S spawn and got that for CTC on Server 2. I narrowly missed CB who where snapping up vehicles too.

If you arent active enough during restarts then your only other option is stealing or finding vehicles in the woods that people have tried to hide.

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I thought as much. I usually try to run to known vehicle spawns. And even the less common ones in small villages nobody ever goes to.

But once there it is probably already taken, or just not there.

Maybe I should just steal a car once in a while. Medics don't kill, but stealing someone's car never killed anyone ..

On the other hand, I don't really "need" a vehicle, but it would greatly help when getting large amounts of supplies for the safehouses and my own base.

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If you're planning to steal a car, the northern woods are a good place to look for one.

The only new car i've found on this server was the UAZ that spawns on green mountain.

Me and my brother spent an hour searching for wheels, and after driving around 20 minutes we got chased robbed by 2 helis :P

All the other vehicles i've owned have either been abandoned somewhere (broken wheels, no gas), or they were just standing in the northern woods, obviously parked there for me to take.

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I guess I'll have to scan the northern woods then. You never know what to find.

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you have better chances after each server-restart, when destroyed verhicles respawn. with FSB we found a bus south of vybor, in its natural habitat. after feeding it petrol, 4 tires, a windscreen, fueltank and engine-parts it trusted us enough to come with us an let itself be stolen some hours later. i hope its new owner treat it well, with the respect this nobel beast deserves.

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