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Ben Johnson Backstory

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Ben Johnson was sitting in the passenger side of a black SUV thinking about what he had accomplished in life, in his short 26 years of he had spent 9 years of it working with different Colombian Drug Cartels. Ben was working on the biggest job on his life, helping the Sinoloa Cartel to Escort the 3 trucks filled with Heroin set to be delivered to the Russian Mafia in the remote country of Chernarus within 48 Hours.

The Plane was about 10 minutes away from landing in the country when the pilot noticed a strange Radio Broadcast Coming through the H.A.M radio. As he turned it up Ben heard a Russian man speaking English with a heavy accent, He was stating that some sort of virus was sweeping over the country and turning people crazy. We heard the man scream, and then 3 gunshots, the radio had gone deadly quiet. The big cargo plane was coming to a stop when we saw figures off in the distance running towards us. Bens boss got a pair of binoculars and watched their approach, he started to yell out to everyone to arm up, I picked up the binoculars and took a look at the figures that were now getting close. Their faces were not human like, they almost looked as if they were dead. I came to the realization of what this was. The undead have started to rise and they will not stop until they kill off everyone.

A burst of gunfire rang in Ben's ear as a gum was being fired at the hoard approaching I turned to grab a weapon myself but I saw something out of the corner of my eye. They were coming from behind us as well. I went to scream but it was too late the undead beast had taken a bite out of our pilot. There seemed to be more on us instantly, eating my friends and business partners alive. I just turned and ran. I ran through the sea of zombies up a hill and headed inland while hearing the screams of the people I flew into this country with.

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