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Guest TheBorg

Bases and what rights do they give?

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Guest TheBorg

Seeing its in (bases) without any real rules I'm here to be the annoying individual to ask what they are. For example till what extend would KoS be possible in the proximity of the base? Or is contact always required outside bases.

Lets theorize people so Rolle can pick the best outcome and copy paste it into the rules!

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I have a little base. It has been griefed now sine someone thought it was fun to drive over the barbed wire. However, I don't think there can be any rules. It's a base, an a lawless one.

The only one with rules is the trade point.

Of course there are idiots who find joy in wrecking them and plundering them. But hey, humans are weird animals. Some are good, some are not.

I think it's just common respect to let a base be a base and don't mess around with it or destroy tents.

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From the "SERVER RULES TAB" http://www.dayzrp.com/rules.php

Player Controlled Bases


- Defenders can shoot anyone outside their base within the red ovals

- If a defender dies in a fight they must wait for the fight to end, win or lose, before returning

- Immunity is given to an unarmed person with no backpack (to be considered a messenger for attackers)

- Defenders who log off in the area must not log off inside the walls to save confusion of ghosting if someone takes it from you


- Attackers must declare their intentions before opening fire

- Attackers must wait 2 mins before attacking after intentions have been made

- Attackers cannot return to the fight until the fight is over, win or lose

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