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Matthew Fridy's Journal

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I arrived in this place a day ago. Looking for my little brother, I remained inactive for a while, examining one of these zombies for a time. It appears to be like any other corpse. Though somewhat rotted.

I left to go looking for supply's and to get my bearings. I quickly found a machete that I found quite capable of killing the infected quickly and quietly. I think I'll hold on to it for while.

Its getting late so I think I'll make this entry a short and precise one. If you find this, my name is Matthew Fridy. I'm here looking for my little brother Jacob. He's here somewhere, still alive. I can feel it. This is my story.

Day One: ((9-6-2013))

Found a vehicle in almost working condition. The tires were almost completely flat and damaged, I left the vehicle there while I went to search for more supply's. More specifically a tool box and tires. I ended up finding a mosin, backpack, some food and water, as well as this book to right in. When I got back to the car there were two other already there, attempting to fix this up. They were friendly and I traded them the two tires I had for some information about the area and some more suiting clothing for the area. They were members of a group called the Sovereign or something. Warned me about the IRA and several other factions that as of right now are not note worthy. They hadn't heard of Jacob. I should have figured it wouldn't be that easy. I think I'll see those guys again, they seem like solid lads. Won't need to worry about them shooting me in the back for my beans. I think I'll end this journal entry here. Its late, I've made camp above a some town and I'm keeping an eye it. I have some string and empty cans set up around the camp in case a infected shambles in. No fire tonight, cant risk being seen by another survivor before I know the climate of this area. Tomorrow, I look for a better weapon and try to find more survivors to get a better feel for the land. As well as a map and compass.

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