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proper introduction

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Just though I stopped in to introduce myself seeing as my application just got approved. My in game name is Josefi Ross. and I'm completely new to the rp server. I have been playing dayz since there was on 5 servers up a long long time ago. thank you to the admins and owner for giving me a chance to play here. I was at my work when I first posted here,mfigured I do a proper hello. here is my story

so my story begins as a police officer in Chernogorsk. My duty was to protect the local docks from theives stealing metal from the shipping yard. i start noticing a change in the aggression of the thieves. I start hearing sounds from them that only wild animals make. one night while watching the shipping yaRd I see a thief. he sees me and stares at me. it seemed like he was a life less man. he charges toward me growling and showing his teeth. I deploy my trusty side arm and warm him to stop. the man keeps charging. I shoot three times. 2 to the chest and one to the head to ensurE he can't get up.

later that night my captain calls me into the office. While being yelled at by the unjustified shooting I see something on his desk. "top secrete" it says. My captain turns around and faces outside. i grab the paper and jam it down my boot. then i quickly return to attention. the captain tells me to go home and domt come back. when i leave his office i read the paper. it is a scientific experiment on the people chernogorsk. to turn them into super humans to fight in the war. the ends with the success rate. 3% success rate it says. the rest are turned into a lifeless form. i go home and go to sleep after the long day. i wake up too banging on my door. the window breaks and a loud bang followed by a light follows. i cant see and immeditaely hit the ground. i feel a sharp prick in my kneck. i turn around to see a soldier over top of me with a needle. i pass out.

i wake up in a military issued uaz with the soldiers still around me. I pretend to act passed out still. one of the soldiers hits ,e with the butt of rifle "see he's still out" he says to another soldier. they continue to talk. "he knows to much and must be exterminated". a soldier say. "yes sir immediately sir" the other says. Screeeeech, booooommm the car goes off the road and hits a tree. one soldier face was smashed into the window completely unidentifible. the others start shooting but are overwhelmed by what to seem to be local people. the men run into the woods and the things chase him. I lay there for about 10 minutes and barely breath because I was so scared. I pop up and notice nothing is around. I cut the rope around my hands on the broken window and run away. my adventure begins....

sorry for the misspells figured Id tell u some of my story. See you guys in game!

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