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=PRES=George Bush

Fire - around Player Controlled Bases

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Today me and my mates from the Presidents =PRES= worked on some vechicles for a pretty long time.

Finaly we repaired one GAZ got our shit out of a broken bus, and started searching for a bus a clan mate dropped earlier on somwhere West of Kamenka.

At the moment he dropped the bus there there did not seem to be any type of clanbase (PCB) in that area. So we drove back towards the bus location, when some type of base suddenly appeared my clan mate directly trow over the steer to GTFO of there.

Instantly we got shot at and our vehichle with all our shit got destroyed, and it kept raining bullets. So we retreated back a pretty long distance we kept recieving fire outside the red oval.

So we decided to return fire to kill, as we kept recieving fire, we seriously wounded a sniper and killed somone in Kamenka who tried to rob us apperantly from the same clan.

We observed the base and players for a very long time later on and decided not to shoot at our initial attackers because we where not sure of the rules of engament

[undefined=undefined]I think the following should be added to the list of rules:[/undefined]


-People who approach a base should be warned trough the use of warning shots.

-The Area of the base should by bakend with Tank Traps to show unaware people that you are entering a danger zone.

[undefined=undefined](Zone 1) - Warning Shots[/undefined]

-The Area should be bakend with sandbags to know you are entering danger zone per defenition and you will be shot on sight.

[undefined=undefined](Zone 2) - Accurate Fire[/undefined]

-Players who are beeing fired upon must always have to right to fire back with the intention to kill no mather what circumstances.

-Attackers do not have to annoucne their attack if players move into area 2 they are considered hostile.


According to the curent rules we where not able to RTF but the defenders where able to keep returning fire, the rules are just to vague about this.

I qoute from the rules:


- Defenders can shoot anyone outside their base within the red ovals

Killing other players is ONLY allowed in following situations:

- You are being shot at


- Attackers must declare their intentions before opening fire

The Rules are contradictory.

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The point of the base imho is to have some pvp action for the clans and suicidal lonewolfs while leaving the rest of the map to the normal play style.

Once you're in control of the base, and you see someone, it is your choice as to what to do next. You can tell them to leave, capture them and use them as slaves (wut wut)

or just eliminate the threat. That's the beauty of choices.

"Killing other players is ONLY allowed in following situations:

- You are being shot at"

This part needs to be deleted by an admin if it is in the same area as the other base rules.

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No that phrase is is from the regular part of the rules. What I like to know about the zones is when a fight starts, what are the boundaries:

- Is the fighting only within the red cricle? Or when a fight starts all over that area.

- Do the defenders need to stay within the walls? If not, how far can they wander out.

- How do you know when a fight ends? It could have small breaks of 20 minutes because people play cautious and hide in a bush.

- What is the maximum time for attacking when the messenger delivered the message.

I was just wondering, to reduce the grey area exploits.

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The rules for PCBs were made in like 5 minutes, we will try to clarify later today.

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