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// This is an anonymous journal. Remember, some things may be false information. Trust this journal at your own risk.

You do not know the author unless your character can figure it out //

// Pardon my grammar, I'm french, and am not perfect in English writing //


Dear Diary,

I have started writing this in case a fellow survivor finds it. I’m keeping a log of my life here in Chernarus, hopefully some tips will help other survivors. Now, it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve been here, I’m going to start with my arrival and hopefully keep you updated as much as I can.

Day 0

Dear Diary,

The first day in Chernarus was a very off one. I had been in New Zealand beforehand, unfortunately the outbreak had also hit that land.

I don’t remember why I washed up on the beach of Chernarus, I’ve been thinking it over since the first day here. All I remember is that I am looking for my brother. The last information I had of him was that he managed to get to England, maybe I tried to get out of New Zealand by boat and something happened ? I just can’t remember. It kills me everyday.

I recognised this area the first moment I woke up. My father owned companies around the world, his HQ beeing in Paris, that’s where I spent most of my time growing up. But on his business trips he would sometimes take me with him. His main factory was here, in a city named Chernogorsk. When we would be here he would take me and my brother hunting on these lands. I quickly enjoyed hunting, and it was one of my best childhood memories.

I decided to head up into town, and there, it was hell. The dead walked everywhere, I guess we can call them zombies, just like the movies… Only real.

The only things I had on me were some painkillers, a bandage, and my passport. I guess someone deliberately let me keep these items… I quickly understood why.

The first move you want to do is get some basic supplies. I needed a weapon. Now this is Chernarus, you can easily find hunting weapons, and even AK’s. Since than I have heard of American weapons beeing dropped off by plane in the airfields. First tip in ths world: If you don’t wan’t to be robbed or killed, DO NOT TAKE THOSE WEAPONS. Bandits often look for them.

Here is what I keep on me too avoid beeing attacked :

- AK-74 Kobra : It’s my main weapon, I use it mostly against the dead, but I can also defend myself. AK mags are not rare in Russia, and the green dot also allow you to have a bit more aim. It could also be useful against bandits.

- Python Colt : My secondary gun, it never leaves my side. This is a very powerful weapon, but is loud. Use at caution. I would suggest a Makarov SD if you manage to find one, makarov ammo is common, but that is a weapon people want since it is silenced, so watch out for theives.

- Moisin with a scope : I keep this in my bag, out of sight. I only use if for hunting or scoping out arround me. Again, a scope is looked for by bandits. Watch out when you take it out.

- An axe : Always comes in handy when you need to kill a zombie, but don’t wan’t to give out your location.

So, back to the supplies. I needed a weapon, I quickly found a winchester. It’s not a powerful weapon, but it is a weapon. Next thing was a map, I knew my way around cherno, but you never know when you need to leave …

I went into the Cherno shop, there I found my map, a watch, and a compass. These are the main 3 items you will need to move around.

I also managed to find some canned goods and a couple of cokes. It wasn’t the best of meals, but it kept me going.

The next thing you want is binoculars, these come in handy. I don’t trust anyone with this world going to hell, so I use them constantly to scout out cities I want to loot. Those can be found in the firestation of cherno and some appartements. The fire station also has some weapons for some odd reason, maybe you will get lucky. Otherwise don’t worry, I’ll tell you where you can go too find some quickly.

Now you want some basic hunting supplies. You will need a knife, an axe, and some matches. The axe can be found in the barns around cherno. The hunting knife and matches… Good luck. I don’t see many, and they can be anywhere.

By the time I found all that, night had came… I went out into the forest to spend the night. I didn’t have a camping tent, it was a very harsh night. At least I got prepared for the worst, that’s what I thought.

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