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Dear Friend

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This is the story of our last friend...his name was Choppy, the little chopper.

We found him near a barn in the forest, surrounded by some bad zombies...we found him and we fell in love..it was so cute!

"We need to bring it back to work guys!" says Bowman..."yes, let's do this, i wanna make a flight with him!", I say.

So, we decided to go in the near factory to search for some scrap metal to repair his body...and after some time, we found it!! "oh cool, now we can flight!" says Mrkappen.

We came back to our friend Bowman, and after a fight trying to find the right part to fix, he used the metal on his body...but this does nothing...we need something more...

So back again on our ATV and to the industrial area to search for some windscreens..."ouch, a zombie hit me!" Bowman says..."damn zombies!! let me bandage myself"...I went to the nearest barn and..ta daa! "i found it!! I found it !!"..."oh yeah!, let's go back to Mrkappen and give him this great news!" says Bowman.

We arrived to the chopper just a couple of meter before the fueltank became empty!! "that's luck, man" I say to Bowman...let's fix Choppy man!


"Try to refuel..." Bowman says...after i put the first jerry can in it..."YEAH HOLY CRAP !!! IT WORKS, NO MORE FUEL DOWN !!"...all happy, people almost crying.

And now the refuel process can start!! ready, set, gooo !!!

....a lot of jerry can later...


And after some miles, we arrived near our tents...


We decided to go up north to the Airfield to make some noise...we fly, we fly...and then arrived and some shots instantly came toward us !! "Oh no, they're shooting at us" says Bowman...

But, just before trting to land...the worse thing happened...

"hey guys, i got red link...i think im gonna disconnect...go fast to the pilot seat and activate auto-hover!!"

"ehm...we got a problem...red link too!!! and forum is down"

1 min of silence....

"holy craaap!! holy shitt!! we're gonna dieeeeee !! oh meeen!" says Bowman

after server up and login..


1 min of silence for our friend..Choppy...rest in peace little chopper...we're gonna miss you!!

Thanks to Bowman, Mrkappen and Bubbosky for this adventure.


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I helped repair that! How could you leave me out!

You need to talk to Bowman for that :D eheh

Thanks for help Livs, Choppy know that.


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