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Guest Knekten

TP Rules?

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Guest Knekten

Hi I want to make some suggestions about the rules at the Trade post cause I think those rules that already is there... well... suck atleast some of them.

Anyway let's go :)

1. No robbing/stealing.

2. No threating other players if they aren't doing anything wrong to you/your clan.

3. No checking other peoples gear/vehicles/bags/body's nor sitting in their vehicles unless they allow you to. That also means that you are not allowed to stand next to someones vehicles as if it looks like you are looking into the gear in the car.


(If someone look into your or your teams vehicles or sit in it, then give them more then 2 warnings and make sure they know you are talking to them, if the person don't listen to the warnings or would repeat it after he's/her's warnings you are allowed to kill.)

4. If a friend dies in the TP you are allowed to protect the body but then you have to have the same clan/tag as your friend. To make sure people know that the loot he has belongs to you say it and also state your name/clan plus he's name/clan.

(if you don't have the same clan/tag as your friend it's a free loot for everyone in the tp.)

(same rules if someone would loot/check the gear on your friend, give more then two warnings.)

5.No mickspamming.

This rules will only go steady if someone tells the person that mickspamms to stop. If no one tells him to stope he's mickspamm he is free to go.

6/7.Everything that is on the ground in the TP is free to take beside vehicles/tents/dead clan body's.

7/6. Unattended vehicles/tents/clan body's is free for everyone to take, only If you have asked if it belongs to anyone atleast 3 times in the whole TP and got no response back.

8. Standing infront of vehicles is allowed but if someone honks the horn or tell you to move out of the way you need to do it or expect to be road kill.

9.Killing in the TP is allowed if they steal from you/your team or break any of the rules above after several warnings.

(keep in mind if someone steals from you, you need to be 100% sure who it was, cause if you know who it was you are allowed to kill him/her with no warnings and if it's the wrong person you can get banned.)

10.Trolling with people in the TP is not allowed since it can make people very angry and it can make a big confusion.

11. Harrasing people is ofc not allowed

12. Blocking or putting up stuff that prevents people to get in or out of the tp or destroy's the tp in anyway is not allowed.

13. No hidding in TP after robbery.

14. Use common sense, act friendly.

This is a bit of them maybe a bit confusing but if you have anything to add you type it! :)

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im for every rule here except the body one, its not hard to pick up most of the gear or ask someone to help hold it till they get there.

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i kinda feel like there shouldn't be anyone dead in the first place unless they deserved it, i understand that if some sort of bug happens and you die on log in but if you kill yourself doing something at the tp its kinda your own fault.

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I would really appreciate if Rolle will clarify how can one find out if vehicle is UNATTENDED? Time limits, visual confirmation, etc.


P.S. Didn't want to start a new thread.

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