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quick question

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im only posting this here because i did not see a place for general questions. but this regarding snipers, so here is a situation i have in my mind.

im being robbed in the streets, a member of my clan is on the hill with a sniper rifle. he sees what is going on, does the sniper have justified cause to take the shot and kill the bandit.

i was thinking the answer to be yes as the bandit is threating not only myself but my team.

just looking for a finite answer on this thanks.

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I would personally say that coming to aid someone being robbed is anyones perogative, not just clan members. The robber has placed him or herself in a position of aggression, and therefore becomes a viable target. IMHO. However, I would like to get a real answer to this question as well, as I have yet to run into a similar situation, and would not act upon it without knowing.

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If the robber has been confirmed a target for clan members over comms fire away... If you are within comms range and know he is robbing but your just an on looker... Take a sec and double check... Then fire

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