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Guest 2Mac

Hi Everyone

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Guest 2Mac


I just got accepted to this server and soon you will see me roam the streets. Running around everywhere and hopefully spreading good energy.

As long as you're friendly, have a mic( i don't trust people without a voice) and that I am in a good mood.

If i should rob you( unlikely) I might force you to sing/tell a joke for me.

My character name is 2Mac and if you see me just shout my name and I will help you as fast as I can. As you understand , my character loves Tupac and is a 50 years old physics teacher.

And some about me. The real me. I am a 17 years old guy from Sweden. i go to school to become a engineer. I got a lot in school so I cant really play everyday or every week. I will always talk in the mic , i don't even know how to write... I got kinda good English but sometimes i might not find the words(even in Swedish this happens) and you might hear me swearing in a middle of a sentence because of pure frustration.

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Hello there!!! and welcome mate, just a little tip, you get to the chat with / , believe you will need it, its the only way to show your name in game, bandits usually ask for this!

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