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Hello everyone! And thank you for having me.

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Hello people of DayZ RP! Great to get to meet all of you as i go.

I go by the alias "Adrenalized", but you'll find me in-game as the civilian survivor and friendly neighborhood afro-american "John Dalton".

I'm quite excited about really getting into the thick of this roleplay scenario and sharing my character's (now rather dramatic) life with fellow roleplayers and having him learn the new way of life in a lethal, unforgiving zombie wasteland.

To all you fellow civvies and rescue workers and what have you; Merry meet and may we share many good times together!

To all you bandits out there; Congratulations! You just got a new target!... If you fancy stealing food, basic medical supplies and hatchets, that is!

As of yet, i'm not affiliated with any group, but perhaps my character's experiences in realtime DayZ will shape him to find his place in the crazy world he just woke up into, and for those interested, engage in playing a part of his personal storyline.

Huh? Who? Oh, me the player? Is that completely neccesary to know about? Well okay.

I'm a 23 year old guy from Sweden with a rotten sense of humor and lifelong depression. If you somehow manage to hear my voice ingame you should consider yourself lucky because i rarely prefer to speak above typing. Half the reason why is because i'm outright terrible at voiceacting my RP characters, and the other half is that i simply don't like to speak when i can type in general.

Efficiency be damned, if i can take an extra 5 seconds of your time to express myself as i really want, by golly will i take it.

Überlong 'Hello' post accomplished! Sorry for making you all read so much... if you did.

Now then, see you in-game perhaps and best wishes!

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Why hello there, welcome. I hope I'll see you around on field.

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Nice to see a porper "hello" post! :)

Hope to see you IG, just remember to shout "FRIENDLY!". Next can of sardines is on me! :)

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