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Guest TheBorg

Human subjects, the Joker experiment.

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Guest TheBorg


After a normal day rummaging Elektro I found myself in the company of an AK-47. Generally a fairly average assault rifle, but against people who merely have a pistol, a potent stingray of disappointment.

After wandering the endless hole that is Elektro I heard a makarov gunshot near the western fire station, I decided to investigate and found subject one. For educational purposes we shall call him Robin, at first I just shouted the ever lasting cliché of:"Put your hands up in the air like you just don't care". However beside putting his hands up in the sky Robin also decided to drop his gun. This put me in the position of a hostage taker and quickly made me wonder about the options at hand.

After just messing around with Robin, subject 2 ran onto the area of the fire station. I got him on the floor and started to question my own ability to hold these people against their will. Sadly subject 2 tried to run off after a wave of zombies appeared attacking us. Of course my first instinctive reaction was to shoot subject 2. After getting shot subject 2 vanished into the wind, bleeding till the end of eternity.

Seeing what I had done to subject 2 I started feeling bad and offered Robin to take my AK and finish me off with it. Robin wouldn't take the offer.

Right at that point a new Subject came walking onto the floor, subject 3 or otherwise known under the educational name of Meekia came on the Fire station holding a loaded AK with a few clips. And after I've on my nicest said Hello, she ran towards me and Robin. I've explained the situation and whilst aiming my AK at her told her that she would be my hostage. She complied.

From here Robin decided to act attached to the female voiced digital puppet. And his attempts to crawl towards Meekia weren't without question from me and Meekia, who attempted to get away from him as far as my gun would allow it.

At this point I wondered what I would be able to do with these two subjects. I offered Meekia the makarov to keep control of Robin and shoot him if she would feel like it. After Meekia didn't grab the opportunity to murder subject 1, I made them switch roles. Robin took the opportunity to get closer to Meekia and Meekia figured life wasn't worth enough to deal with this, and asked if she could grab the other makarov on the ground.

From here is where the experiment finally started, I allowed Meekia to grab the gun but demanded that she and Robin continuously kept aiming at each other. After that I offered whoever shot the other freedom. At this point Meekia walked towards Robin and demanded that he would drop his gun. A few shots later Subject 3 was dead on the ground. Robin opened fire at Meekia and had no space for mercy. There she was, dead on the ground, a life vanquished at the hands of a fellow hostage.

As a man of my word I offered Robin freedom my guns and other items attached to it. Once again I offered him to kill me, he denied stating that I was a good man. Life is odd, isn't it?

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I just wanted to say real quick that humans are so predictable that we, as a species, are able to create and perfect a way to milk them for money using a form of manipulation called marketing. In fact, an entire industry has arisen from this.

Anyone who still wonders what two blobs of grey matter will do to survive if put in a specific scenario, shouldn't be surprised by the outcome.

However, you seem not surprised, but delighted by the suffering you indirectly caused. In fact, I would bet you knew something BAD would happen. I'm going to stroke you're ego and call you a sadist based just on this one post of yours.

In real life I'm sure you're super nice, and might even be my next door neighbor (which gives me pause lol). But you know you wanted to hear it, so you got it. I'm not saying that is good or bad either, so I'm not judging you.

Let me do a quick profile of you, let me know how I score, not that you would want to admit to any of the following:

The fact that you referred to someone as a digital puppet says to me that you have narcissistic tendencies, are between the age of 16-22, have trouble keeping relationships, have trouble relating to people, have wanted to kill someone that is close to you but you are afraid of getting caught, liken yourself to a psychopath in training but not quite there yet, so you do these experiments to have a "taste" of the control you desperately seek but are unable to exert in the real world. You also think you understand things on a deeper level than other people, and wouldn't mind a zombie apocalypse in real life to burn up the chaff, you also likely idolize the joker and can relate to him much better than you can batman. I'm sure I'm way off, my God I hope I am. :) But it's 1:30 am, and I'm just throwing out an educated guess.

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I never said it wasn't interesting. I enjoyed his experiment even in light of the predictable outcome. It's like watching two chicks fight, I know the bigger, meaner one is going to win, but dang if it isn't wild to watch. :P

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Guest Obvious

That was very interesting to read indeed :o

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