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Guest Knekten


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Guest Knekten

Hi there y'all! I wanna tell you guy's about some stuff from the TP... let's just say kills..

Anyway First when the TP opend I killed a guy that was in my URAL TRUCK and refused to get out after several warnings. Next time I killed a guy that was trying to loot 1 of my friends body's after I gave more then 4 warnings plus 1 shoot in the air telling them to go away from the bodys, it was some assholes that thought it would be fun killing one of my friends and the only one that was in my team that saw who it fired a bullet towards him and get's killed by someone else. This last time was a guy that killed some trollers that he said stole from him and then he fired som bullet's towards me to scare me away(probably so he could hide the bodys like he did) after that I killed him for fireing towards me.

Anyway I love that I was able to kill people that tryed to loot my friend body or people that was in/lotting my cars after i even gave them warnings, every time I always gave warnings besides when I was getting shot at(that time i talked him out).

Anyway saw this youtube clip


I don't like the clip but i kinda do cause one of the guy's getting killed i don't like very much (after some old stuff)

But what concerns me is that it say's he was guarding his friend body when two people took he's friend stuff and hide he's body and he was not allowed to do anything about it cause of the TP rules???

If that was me i would have told them to get away or get shoot, but i talked to some that said i'm only allowed to kill people now that steals my car. If this is true then I'm sorry to say this Rolle I think you are an A-hole for not writing real rules and you should take a long and better looking over the rules you have right now and CHANGE THEM! -.-''

Ohh and this happend yesterday to one of my friends http://www.dayzrp.com/t-stealing-trading-post

nothing happend to my friend but he fired and killed some1 and what i heard.. you are not allowed to do that and also i know if i was right my friend will get in trouble and i will be blamed from him probably.

Sorry for bad english O.o

Adding this that I saw a long time ago only reading the admins comments.


If the rules are like the admins say in that old thread i won't ever visit the TP nor this server again.

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Guest Anushree Shanjuka

Wellwell , since my beloved little friend Knekten over there didn't like my "unserious" attitude on his thread i decided to make it a bit more "Readable". First of all , in the begining the trading camp was a total mess.

People got killed including me ...

I died 2 times up there and so did alot of other players did to.

I don't know how many of you that read my "Bye bye Thread" a few weeks ago well ... I admit it was a bit offensive against the server/server admins (i don't regret that i wrote it tho) but no more about that...

I agree that the rules about the trading camp can be a bit "Fuxked Up"

and that the Admins will atleast try to solve this, but NOW BACK TO THE GOOD PART !

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1st there is a rule that says we cant guard someones body etc, ok i agree with that in some part,

2nd those two getting killed, took profit of the rules, my mate bugged in the TP zone and died, and SoWeMeetAgain (the killer) said he would try to guard the body so the guy could get his stuff back, those 2 showed up there when they heard about the dead body, loot it and hide it, and after that they were not moving from the TP cause they were afraid , and they ve been smart ass all over us, even speaking some swedish thing (insulting maybe)... (we have all that recorded)

SoWeMeetAgain lost his temper, as anyone would when that kid was starting saying that we were harrasing them (dafuq??? they started it) and they can ban him for that etc..

There is a flaw in the rules, when in a place like the TP someone dies, u cant fight lets say to claim the loot as you would in any other area of the map,or when someone steals stuff from your car,are we supposed to just look at him doing it without action?

P.S. SoWeMeetAgain knew that he would get banned by shooting them.

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Guest Knekten

There is a flaw in the rules, when in a place like the TP someone dies, u cant fight lets say to claim the loot as you would in any other area of the map,or when someone steals stuff from your car,are we supposed to just look at him doing it without action?

P.S. SoWeMeetAgain knew that he would get banned by shooting them.

Thanks for the answer and yes the rules kinda makes it like we are only allowed to watch and make a report when people steal from our cars or bags. Also about that we are not allowed to protect some friends body.. it's pure bullshit! that body works like a tent or a car, it saves all the stuff your friend have and if you have a car you are able to load everything from the body over to the car or you would just be able to wait for your friend to get back for the gear.

Like what if your friend would have been kosed he has a car and all he's gear is on the body, you also have a car and you are the only player around beside the 1 that kosed him and the koser's two friend's.

1. You guard the body, the car and kill the koser and tell hi's friend to piss off.

2. You let them take the loot from the body and they probably claim the car as theirs cause the only 1 that kosed got banned and the two other know that car did't belong to you but you friend so they claim it.

Or maybe I'm totally wrong and no one is allowed to work as a team and protect etchothers stuff cause if your not allowed to guard a friend body why would you be able to guard he's car?

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As someone from the complete outside with absolutely no vested interest in either side I have this to say.

I would have shot those two guys as well. They deserved every bullet that they got and then some. I wouldn't have cared if I got permabanned either. There needs to be some clear lines drawn out because as it stands now, this trading post is becoming more of a haven for cowards than for traders.

I don't fault the admins for this. I fault us, as a community, for allowing ourselves to abuse this system.

I have been in the trading post when players have glitched out and died. Every time it's happened, those up there rally around and help store the fallen's items so that he can get them when he makes it back up to the trading post.

What those two guys in the video did absolutely disgusts me and makes me wonder if this is a community that I want to continue playing in.

The fact that SoWe was permabanned is also disturbing to me. I don't care if the admins like him or not. He was a member of this community and voiced his opinions, whether good or bad. The simple thing is to ban him and silence his voice. The hard task is to actually read what he's saying and try to gather insight and see if there is something that can be fixed. SoWe might have brought it up, but I'm sure there are countless others who didn't have the courage to speak up.

My opinions may or may not be liked by all of those who read it, and that's fine by me. I expect criticism every time I make a post.

In my eyes, SoWe should have faced the consequences for what he did in the TP by getting a ban (not a permaban) - but also, for the two that acted like classless idiots, they should feel guilty about how horrible of human beings they are outside of this game for what they did. But I'm sure they'll try to spin the story to make themselves look innocent, or that they asked Rolle.

Rolle may be the server owner and head admin, but in my book, the two of you are on my hit list. Anytime I run across you two, I will make your lives a living hell. That much I can promise you. You deserve NO respect from me and will never gain it from your cowardice.

I think it's long since past time for some of the players out there to mature up and learn to get along in this game. In game, in world, you can battle and fight. But outside of that, you need to learn how to get along with each other, otherwise you'll find yourself alone on a server with just your closest friends. And in the end, how fun will that truly be?

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Guest Chornaya Akula

I agree with pomp on every level.

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Pomp i agree with you within limits, as admins we understand that there are people here that have strong opinions that we as admins do not necessarily agree with, we may not like how people put things or act towards us, we deal with all of this for free and still maintain everything else in our lives and it is very time consuming. So it is easy to speak up upon a ban on someones actions who is an active voice in the community without knowing all the facts based upon his ban.

As admins SoWe had several strikes on his heads for actions in the past and breaking the rules of conduct in the forum and on the servers them selves. And although it may look like SoWe was banned to silence his voice, please understand that is not GM policy and we actually gave him TONS of chances in breaking rules from harassment to breaking basic rules of the server and that is why he received a permaban.

As for the TP I agree that the way it is being handled by a few members of the community is disgusting but it is that way in the real world, this is an RP server after all and people in a dire life situation truly would be like vultures doing what ever they could to survive. What really gets me is the people who know the rules and then do things in the grey areas because there is no set rule for it.

As a community people are good until a few bad eggs come along and find these grey areas and us as admins are forced to make decisions that upset the rest of the community who then follows suit.

As a GM i ask that if you have a complaint against a person, Take proof collect it and send it to me, i will personally look it over check it with my logs and server info and handle it accordingly to the rules.

The rules are supposed to help people enjoy the game, not be a constant debate on whats right and wrong.

This all said, this is my views personally these comments do not represent the views or opinions of other GM's and admins.

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Actually, I can speak to this as I administrate a community of over 7,000 players in an online environment. I also do that task for free as well. My point wasn't directed at the GMs or any of the admins in particular, was just simply stating that sometimes an admin has to look at the criticisms and try to understand the reasoning behind them.

Am to say I understand SoWe's issue with the admins? No. I'm sure he could have approached it far better than he did. But an administrator needs to walk that fine line and understand the community that they serve in whole.

If there was constructive dialog between SoWe and the administrative team, then I think that it was at least given a chance. But if either side declined to, or didn't come up with that solution, it's saddening.

What bothered me is that they took the items, after SoWe asked them to step away from the corpse and they knew that he couldn't do anything because they were in the trade post. He then incited anger by spouting rules and such at SoWe. In that situation, I would have done the exact same thing for their cowardice.

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I don't believe you are taking my words this way but i want to make sure we are on the same page, i am not trying to criticize you, judge your comments, i respect your opinion and am trying to have, and i feel we are, a civilized discussion and that our back and forth is the representation of my opinion and not that of the other GM's/Admins

I Completely 100% agree with the cowardice in the TP, for someone to walk up and steal gear after someone has been killed is just wrong, and for them to come running to the admins like we are mommy and daddy is just silly, it forces the admins to make a decision on the spot and it's not always the most informed decision.

As for SoWe the admins had given him chances and warning and constructive pointers for well over a month now and he continued breaking rules verbally and physically. It's not a perfect system and it has a lot of flaws but 90% of the time it works everytime.

In my belief as administrators we have a pretty firm grasp on the community as a whole, perhaps yes there needs to be some changes to the rules, a changing game community needs a changing rule set. But as the moment this server is built upon a "RP" mindset, this means as GM's we want people to have conflictions of morality in a post-apolitical world. From a RL standpoint is it sad, pitiful and very very carebear yes i agree and perhaps a change in the rules is needed to compensate for it.

That said on a typical day to day basis there are very few problems with the rules, most of the time the problems arise when people push the rules, Such as people running and hiding in the TP using it as a sanctuary and never leaving, what was to be a utopia of trade and fun for 20mins while you fiddled and traded about has turned in to a trolling, lolly gagging city in world of warcraft. People just spend all day in there trying to steal items and making threats.

In RP a GM is supposed to be someone who runs a game, keeping the story line fresh and interesting, throwing curve balls that players must over come and giving out rewards to those who prevail. Sadly because of a few "bad eggs" which is inevitable with a community now over 700 active players; us as admin's spend most of our time playing mommy and daddy, trying to figure out who broke what rule from information of two really pissed off people.

I my opinion, as admin, it is our duty to make an environment, fun, exciting and enjoyable. Do we always hit these marks, no, but each day we do try and we aren't perfect (nor do i think you where accusing us of thinking so) only human and we do our best. Sometimes it takes a community to band together and weed out the bad things force the issues that are most dire down the mouths of the admins until it is heard. I am always willing to listen and bring up points to GM's and burn the midnight oil having cool calm and collected discussions such as this one so that i can speak with the other GM's and admins about their thoughts and pick their brains.

At the end of the day it truly is a team effort between the community and its admins.

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the funny thing is they started it, and they continued that stuff to a point of no return, they had their chances to set things right with us multiple times, and also they did the same thing with the body of an other player who got shot by a hacker in fron of the TP's gate, and he asked me to try save his m24, his body was hid as well, and guess who had his weapon...

They were trying to make us fools saying lies like they accidently hid the bodies and shit like that.

I think admins should at least to edit some of the rules in the TP zone to make it more balanced, because right now with the current rules its like christmas for braindead kiddos...

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If not for the brazen audacity displayed by the two trolls, I normally would say it's an open and shut case. But truthfully, judging on this incident alone, I would have done the exact same thing as sowe. The two trolls are taking rules and bending them to spite the players and admins, and inciting violence. Sowe was simply defending his friends possessions from theft, promoting a positive environment for the person who died. Since the rules are conflicting, and since it really is all about the community after all, why don't I throw up a poll and see what sowes peers think.

A trial by jury if you will. Of course, this won't bring sowe back automatically, but it will show what the communities reaction to this incident is.

And for the record, I do not have a horse in this race, and I mean no disrespect to anyone involved in banning him as I know it isn't an easy call to make and I wouldn't want to have to make it. (I don't know who did and I don't care to know)

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He is ok with the ban, he knew what he was doing, and he never asked to unban him.

Its just the fact that about the rules right now, considering the TP zone,they are unbalanced, and i dont think that will change, TP stands for Trading Post, not refuge for little thiefs

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Guest Knekten

Hello! With my thread I would love a comment from Rolle where he say's if he is going to change the rules or not. And also I like that I get an opinion from an admin but I don't like that I get to hear an comment like what an admin do and not do. I'm an admin on a community too where there is RP and FPS, the rules always need to make sense and be clear. We make a pretty good job with that to make sure nobody get confused before we write them down, and also the rules need to match with our other rules that we already have.

This I also why I did the thread. Rolles or Dayzrp's rules don't match or add-up with the rules it already has.

If someone steals from you in the TP, it should not be an admin's problem if the one that got robbed killed the theif. The problem the admin would face here would be what to do with the theif even if he got killed.

And Also if you are a team in the TP and your friend get's killed, glitced or what ever, You want to defend he's body cause that body belongs to your team because it's your friend's gear and also you friend might be having something on him that is very rare and your team where supposed to trade for just the team to get some better stuff.

If you are not able to defend hi's body then your not able to defend the iteam that was rare and supposed to be traded but that also did't only belong to your fallen friend but to your team.

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