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Guest Mason


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Guest Mason

Good day everyone,

I am very new to this community, in fact I just submitted my whitelist application, so in the spirit of letting you get to know me a bit I will tell y'all a bit about myself.

As far as DayZ is concerned, I play a good amount of it in the typical "If they aint on team speak consider them hostile" play style. I admin on another private hive server so I am familiar with the mechanics of rules and seeing them enforced.

As far as RP goes, in my younger days I played DnD and other such role playing games. I really needed a break from the same old DayZ and am looking to see how the RP community has taken to a game like this.


Marine Corps veteran here, been gaming my whole life pretty much. I like to throw a bit of DayZ in between games (Borderlands 2, Guild wars 2, etc). DayZ is a great game and I cant wait for the standalone to come out, worth the money in my opinion. Anyway, this seems like a good community and id be happy to be a part of it.

Hopefully I will see you on the servers within 24 hours.

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