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Kicked from RP 1 with no reason.

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2nd day in a row, when I connect to RP 1, it gives me 3-4 minutes to play, and then 'You have been kicked from the server'! No reason. Though when I connect to RP 2 I can play normally.

Please, can anybody explain this?

I found TWO helicrashes on RP 1, today and yesterday. And both times when I tried to approach - KICK!

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I found one helicrash on RP 1, NW of Mogilevka, the day before yesterday. Got close, found only one med crate, and got kicked from the server with no reason... I relogged to RP 2, played normally, looted tents in Stary and logged out for a day.

Yesterday I logged in to RP 1 (because my TZ fits to it perfectly), to give it a try. Played a bit, and found another helicrash NE of Rogovo. Tried to get close to it and got kicked again. Relogged, saw some ghillie guy in the distance running to the helicrash, and got kicked again...

Relogged to RP 2, and played normally for hour, before my character jumped from the NW field firestation and died (because I have curved hand I guess).

Dunno if that helps.

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well when i got randomly kicked,i just reinstal the dayz file,and problem solved

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