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Rule abuse?

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A few guys stole a vehicle from a group of people and hid for 2 hours, after these 2 hours were over they purposely went back to the group of people who originally owned it, into the trading post and mocked the people who owned it to begin with. They admitted that they stole the vehicle and kept bragging about it saying that they could not do anything about it because they were within the rules.

1. This is not roleplay.

2. They admit to the thievery right in front of the people they know owned it.

3. They were mocking, and they kept coming back to show of how "awesome" they are because no one can "slap them". Harassment, rude behavior in the TP, a peaceful zone. Offensive behavior = shoooot!

This is a question surrounding this behavior.

- May these people be shot upon admitting they stole from the person in question right in front of their face? (Adding that they brag and harass about it saying they are invincible because you can't shoot in the tp and that they have waited 2 hours)


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From Rules Page


Please keep in mind when you are on these forums that some things you might not find offensive, or insulting, others may take very seriously. Our admins will be doing their best to keep the forum clean of the following.

Racism is not tolerated on this server or forum. You will be warned, temporarily banned, then permanently banned. This goes for in game server names also.

Flaming threads will be locked and result in a warning to temporary forum ban in extreme cases.

Disrespecting other players in the shout box, or in open threads is punishable by a temporary forum/server ban to a permanent ban in extreme cases.

well you can report them..

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Guest Obvious

You guys are hunting them down? :o

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well..some people that insulting,harrasing,etc other people in game and got reported..get banned too though..

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perfy ofcourse you can do something, you just can't KoS them after 2 hours you can still demand them to return the vehicle or be shot when they leave the TP just grab another vehicle and follow them and start spamming "stop" in voice chat as soon as theyre out of the pussy zone.

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Yeah stitch has a good idea. Set up an ambush point with a couple extra guys. Maybe even throw some work to the mercenary types hanging around. Once they drive the vehicle out, take it back.

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