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Guest Demosthenes

Good Afternoon

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Guest Demosthenes

Farewell to the servers where unarmed civilians are camped and taken advantage of. Farewell to those closed minded individuals who intend to kill rather than survive. Greetings to a private server with not only a whitelist, but a dedicated Trade-Post where not one faction has full control. For the sake of Day Z the Mod and Day Z I encourage the evolution of these servers with great ideas and originality.

My name is Demosthenes, I have been roaming from server to server trying to find the "right one", hopefully this will be my last stop. The main goal in Day Z is survival, but when looking at the PVP aspect incorporated there are three classes of players. Heroes, bandits and victims. The goal of my journey is to make Day Z a victim less game, by making every situation I encounter of predators stalking prey life changing.

The ambition inside me will not walk away when a lonely survivor is being bullied and robbed by a group of bandits on the side of the road. I will be the savior this server needs, not what it deserves.

Also off topic, I could not find a Whitelist template or anything pinned so I just wrote this. I was brought here by a post on JSP : http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=64867850&f=208

Not sure if one of you owners/admins are JSPers, but I hope you guys accept me. Thanks

I found the White list app heh.

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Top navbar (aka main menu) -> Whitelist application. But I already know you will be accepted :P

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