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Guest Ogma

New buddy

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Guest Ogma


I used to play with a bunch of fiery french buddies on public servers, which was very fine.

We were playing on non-crosshair only-1rst-person-view for immersion purposes.

Until hackers.

So, like the others real players are doing I assume, we are seeking a private server.

I'm a bit troubled by the rules though. That seems like a mmorpg, with the pvp zone and trading zone and stuff.

In game, I remember getting killed by approaching another player so I could try to talk with him, I killed one of my friends by mistake because I was panicking (surrounded by zombies, he got out of a bush), we set up an ambush to kill a player with a better gun than ours .... and all these moments were nice.

Is this server disallowing this ?

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