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Hello, you!

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Hello there!

I recently found this community and got interested real quick, so I thought I would emerge from the shadows and say hello and tell a little about myself.

My names Daniel(I have nothing to do with Amnesia), I'm 19 and I live in Sweden. I like games and to sleep, and subway sandwiches.

I hope I'll see you around in there, looking forward to playin' with y'all in one way or another!

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You didn't get many replies back then. :)

Guess you enjoyed your stay.

Oh what a bump, you! T'was fine though, and I've had my ups and downs but I'm very much still here, yo!

Welcome Daniel! Enjoy your stay

I also like subway sandwiches :D

Thank you BigBoss, but I've been around for a while, heh!

Props mon, for also enjoyin' them sandwiches! Ain't they too good to be true.

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