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Hello from the [Medic]'s. There are two of us so far, but another 2, possibly a third will be joining us shortly.

We're Healers first and foremost, and suppliers secondly. We do not trade, we just give. We do not ask for compensation for doing good deeds, we just smile and pray to Rocket you don't shoot us in the back of the head when we depart.

Finally, we're also in the business of Bandit Hunting. Granted, without a Side-Channel to feed us constant reports of Banditry KoS's, we can't truly do much, but we may be looking into finding random Bandits, and interrogating them about why they have the Bandit skin in the first place. Prepare your sob-stories well Bandits, for if we don't believe your shrill cries of innocence, you may well find yourself below 3000 blood and without food and water, scrambling back to civilisation as you infrequently pass out. Retribution, for your ill deeds.

Hah, just kidding. Can you imagine?

The mantra 'Do no harm' resonates strongly with us, and it's rare we have to turn a gun on another survivor, even if we know it's going to get us killed by being foolhardy trusting idiots. If that means sending out a sacrificial lamb to run out into Cherno with a Flare strapped to his body to alert other survivors of our presence, then so be it, rarely has it paid off with friendly survivors, but we're still hopeful.

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