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Winged Ninja

Dedicated to Mr. K and his friend which I forgot the name of - Hide 'n' Seek, Stary.

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Mr. K informed people about a broken UAZ near Stary, which apparently needed nothing but fuel to function. I decided to pit in with the Jerry can I had on me at the time. Being on RP 2, I found a spot to hide and changed servers to help them. The first thing I hear is a gunshot next to me, silenced at that. Then, voice chat.

What followed was an adrenaline filled, intestine-twisting amount of rolling to spot whoever was keeping a lookout on the hill. I found him.


After telling him to drop his weapons, I soon heard footsteps and hid yet again. Now with two Seaweed monsters in my sight, I decided to drop the possibility of making both stay unarmed, and went forth. Surprisingly, I wasn't shot.


After filling the car, we all had a joyful ride to the TP.

And finally, after giving away my SVD, I got the weapon I desired most.

Makarov SD.

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Fun times :D

Well, I couldn't tell you on Shout Box I needed a jerry can for my stranded vehicle or EVERYONE would've rushed to Stary Sobor xD.

Thanks a lot for the jerry can though :D


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