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Lost and Found - MY GREEN UAV

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Hey guys!

Yesterday I bought a Green UAV from the donation shop (to spawn in RP1). Before I went to bed, I went far far far up north (north from NE airfield) to hide it there, and then I logged off. Today, just 10 minutes ago I logged in, only to see that it wasn't there. There was two Bezinos, one RPK, FN Fanal Mags, 30.Rnd STANAG mags, a wheel, jerry cans, etc.

If someone has taken it I would really appreciate to have it back!

All the best,

Tom Twice.

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Guest Investorinski

After reading this post your UAZ was not the one I saw parked earlier today (as I mentioned in the "Lost and found" thread.

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Guest tarsjan

I just saw a UAZ drive straight at some obstace and flip i BereZino today. Could have been yours ? the guys who crashed it looked disturbed, and somehow drove away on a motorcycle :(

Edit: the Uaz was green and this incident happened about 30 minutes ago.

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We stole it parked it near pobeda dam and now it's gone as well. Good luck.

Also near Guba is a bad idea, every time I have checked I have found a vehicle.

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