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TP RP1 Wrecked

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Flat large Tent!


the gate is missing!


the rock indicating the road missing,vehicles can get pass the parking spot!


Tent area destroyed!


and the poor guy got blown there too

poor outlaw :P


Well who the hell playing with that many satchel in TP RP1?

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Forum name Joppe, or Cazzoo now as shoutbox shows:

» 16:38 - Cazoo: 4 vehicles also btw.

» 16:38 - EwanMcGregor: There you will get a scrollmenu with repair / refuel

» 16:38 - EwanMcGregor: Grimno, you drive the vehicle to the green crates behind the parking spots

» 16:37 - Spree: such effort in getting perm banned ;o and yet, nothing really went to harm

» 16:37 - Cazoo: That what happens when you play god and ban people for no reason.

» 16:36 - Cazoo: Did someone blow up TP awww. How cute.

In game name was toadie, refer to http://www.dayzrp.com/t-kos-at-tp

Reports of hackers in shoutbox at UTC 0647

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Guest Xee

From shoutbox:

» 10:08 - Cazoo: Off with a bang!

» 10:07 - Tosme: He's banned

Seems we are safe once again

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Guest achmed


How long was the rollback?

Our vehicle is missing, and we parked and saved it around 3am (i think) last night. (swedish time)

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Guest Jabaar

It'd be very nice to have our car back

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I logged off RP1 at 04:00 UTC (06:00 CET) and the person that was banned wasn't online at that moment to my knowledge, so rollback probably wasn't before that.

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