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Vehicle saving

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I've been riding around in my redflame motorbike all day, eventually i parked it in forest on a hill next to Polana, and hit Save on it. Went into Polana for some merchandise, then hopped on bike again and went all the way across map to the west forest, where I parked it, saved it 4-5 times and logged out. Just now i came back online and it was gone. So obviously someone

a) Stole it

b) It was parked too close to tree, so server ate it

c) It was respawned at my old save location at Polana upon restart

I'm thinking c could be an option, apparantly someone found a redflame motorbike near Polana earlier, a short while after server restart

Anyone else have theories or just "alpa, get used to it" ? :)

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This is getting really tedious for us, seems unable to keep vehicles longer than a day no matter where they are hidden.

Resentment does build a little when you have paid cash for them as well!

Obviously sometimes they get stolen but other times... they are well hidden and found REALLY quickly.

Seems like something isn't quite right.

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I think its been buggy since Dayz was released though..

And parking too close to objects, trees etc can make it disappear on restarts too

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