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Guest adde

new skins and stuff?

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Guest adde

when are the new skills gonna be up for buy? or somthing. i want them NOW!!! :D

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I would love to have an obvious looking medic skin, red cross helmet for example.

this way people might be less wary when approaching them.

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Guest LtCptSuicide

I agree, also and I'm only saying this as an idea I honestly have no idea of the difficulty of implementing this, but I thought some good ideas would be-

More civilian variants (without vest/hat, different styles of clothes, ripped clothes, etc.)

HazOp suits (gas masks, chemical suits, HazMat suits, Maybe some S.A.S or U.S.S style suits [soldiers in black tactical gear with gas masks.])

Female versions of current skins (Not sure how many female players but I see the glitch a problem.)

Emergency services (Firefighters, EMS, Police patrol, riot, and SWAT)

Maybe a zombie skin for the suicidal?

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