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Robbers taking refuge in the trading post after robbing

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So, if someone robs you and then runs up to the trading post to be "safe" you OR your friends/clanmates may shoot them if you can identify them?

This happened about a day and a half ago when we were stopped outside of the trading post by a bus. A bus turned sideways blocking the road and forced us of the road into a light pole. 7 guys hopped out and pointed guns at the two people in the car, being me and another member. We asked the chopper to turn back to shoot them, they were shot at, someone yelled "KOS!" then they shot us to death.

Two of the people in the bus looted the courpses and took the car we were in and drove up to the trading post. They said they had nothing to do with the robbery, they were just passengers in the bus, yet they took the car and looted the corpses and expected that kept them innocent when they were right there as it happened.

Other members and friends of us who were robbed were in the trading post already, saw them drive up and stand around guarding the vehicle that they claimed was theirs when it was actually still our vehicle.

After a kind of heated discussion where one game master* was included (who completely avoided the subject or did not take it serious in any way).

So I'm posting this for clarification, I've asked twice or more in-game but have no written words on it.

* You may NOT take refuge from revenge within the trading post, if you drive in with stolen goods and owners or friends of the owners are in there and they are certain or identify the criminals they may claim back the stolen goods or even shoot these people?

* If someone is standing within the trading post after robbing someone or attempting to rob someone and the person robbed or the members of the robbed person are there and identify the people as the robbers. They may shoot and kill the robbers?

From what I've heard, you may NOT take refuge from crime in a peaceful zone. If you are identified as the guilty party you must surrender all stolen goods to anyone known to the person robbed OR surrender it OR just take those bullets like a man?


Edit game master not admin. :P Names are excluded due to that it is too long ago, but the situation still holds a question or two, that could use some clarification.

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Over-watching that bus and shipping back the items from the people that were KIA was my first Mercenary job I'm proud to say. Would have been great if it escalated into a gunfight at the TP corral. Would have went down in RP history.

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Killing other players is ONLY allowed in following situations:

- You are being shot at

- You are being attacked/robbed/kidnapped by a bandit

- You are a bandit and the person you are trying to rob/kidnap is trying to escape

- Another player is stealing your items/vehicles

- Another player has stolen your items/vehicles, you have 2 hours to reclaim them before they are no longer considered yours.

The 2 hour time period did not pass. The property is still considered Regal Heartstone's. When the robbers brought it here and Regal came to reclaim it, it is still by rules his property, the robbers by the rules should not be allowed to enter it without repercussions. (KoS

This is my interperetation of the rules I have read.

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Guest Regal HeartStone

To let everyone know, Me and the leader of the group involved in this came to an amicable decision that suited both parties in view that the true rules at the time were unclear to both sides. An admin input on this though for future issues if they arise would be most welcome so this can be cleaned up more quickly in future.

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Taking refugee at the trading post after a robbery to get away from the guys that wants their vehicle back, is considered bad playstyle.

If you want to be a bandit, deal with the consequences.

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can we please get more info on this, we need to know if they robbed ud and went to tp can kos if we identified them in tp or does this have to be sent to a admin to sort

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