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Guest webmi

Hello World!

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Guest webmi

Hello Com!

i am 28 years old and i am german. i heard from this rpg com an immediately register to this site. its very hard to play this game like it should be on official or even on private hives. there is to many kos an non rp aspect at all. the sandbox is so beautiful and gives us so many opertunities.

i still waiting to get whitelisted.

i just wanted to say hello an ask if there german players here already


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Why hello there. :D

Someone who is actually not swedish on this server, such a suprise. :b

I'm german too and just so you know, the majority is swedish, or atleast most people I met so far , so it's kinda nice to see some other german guy on this server.

Just make sure to read and follow the rules and maybe we'll meet sometime!

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