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Guest Frankinstein745

hello everyone

how do you like this game  

4 members have voted

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Guest Frankinstein745

Hello, i am new to dayz, i have never played and wish to do so. i am very excited to get to play a games like this as i have not seen one since when i was a child playing runescape( which is nothing like this) lol. i hope it is what i am expecting from this game if anyone wants to group up or something let me know (still have to wait on whitelist) if you show me around how to play i will be a good comrade and friend in this post-apocalyptic world

and so i am sure about this i would liek to post a poll

1.who loves this game over any other

2.who just loves this game but has others you play more or just as often

3.geting ready to quit

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