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=7Cav= Reiser

initial thoughts/experiences

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I have played on the servers a few times over the past couple days.

I have met a few people so far who's names I do not know. I Haven't been hassled or robbed, but in fact I was helped by one guy who I kept running into at the NW airfield.

The first time I stumbled across 2 guys on the south side of Bolota airfield. I had just finished scraping together what supplies I could, and was headed to the military tents south of the airfield. I saw them running and I didn't think they saw me. I hid behind a tree no more than 20 meters from them. I thought about trying to rob them because I had found an AKM with 4 mags, but decided not to. I think I surprised them when I ran right up to them and said "HII". One seemed shocked and blurted out friendly really fast, and I said "me too". They said they were waiting for a friend and that I could pass. I chuckled a little, wished them luck and continued on my way. As i was jogging down a hillside I ran smack into a black SUV parked among a cluster of pine trees. I asked in the shoutbox about the legality of taking it, and was told I could so I did. Unfortunately I ran into a tree and it exploded but only injured me really badly. At the time I didn't know those had to be purchased, and I feel bad about taking it. Sorry whoever owned that. I made it all the way to the NW airfield that night. I found an m16acog and ran off into the forest to log out. When I logged back in later that day I spawned in the debug area with no gear. I restarted to try to fix the bug but it spawned me in Elektro with nothing. That ended with me being devoured alive. Good old karma stuck me down.

Last night was a fun and productive night. I made it back to the NW airfield and collected a bunch of ammo and a couple rifles I decline to identify. On one occasion I was looting a barracks and a guy rolled up on a atv. I wasn't sure what to do but I didn't want to be cornered in a building so I crept to the door and spotted him. I identified myself but I think I scared the poor guy. I told him about an m249 that was inside, wished him luck and continued on my way. At the other barracks he showed up there too. I told him he would find a belt for his 249 inside, and went about my business. Some time later I ran into the same guy again. I asked if he had any of the ammo I needed and he said I could have the 3 mags he had. I took them out of his pack and replaced them with some cooked meat and a coke. If you read this, thank you person who's name I don't know. I ran into another guy later on who I saw entering a building. I had aggro'd a bunch zeds and had to run into the building to deal with them. I think I scared that guy too. Fortunately he was friendly and we went our separate ways.

I have had the most fun I've had playing DayZ in a looong time. I stopped playing when all the death match kids came along and stated ruining the game. I haven't been shot at once since i started playing here. So far all the people seem pretty nice. These servers appear to be what people originally envisioned the game to be. I really enjoy playing on the server, and I think I'll stick around.

p.s. sorry for the bad grammar and structure, I haven't finished my coffee yet.

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It's always nice to see people having good experiences on our servers. Keep it up everyone! :D

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Hey. You'r from the Arma clan 7cav? `Good server.

Yes, Sir.

we now have 2 public servers and are working on another.

Nice! and welcome to RP :)

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