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=7Cav= Reiser

name too long?

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<-- it doesn't fit.

I don't know if it's the way the forums are set up, or because I'm using google chrome.

I thought I'd point it out though.

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Well yeah, the left column has a max width, otherwise it would mess up the right columns layout. Why would you include the clan tag in your forum name is a mystery for me :P

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Note the word "servers" in the rule #3, not forums :)

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That has been debated, and it was ruled that because forums are run on servers, if the forums are dedicated to a game we support the tags must be worn.

this does bring up a question though.

I am due for promotion shortly.

is it possible to change ones name on here?

the "PFC" will become "SPC".

I just thought about that and had a look, but didn't see a way to change it.

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Guest Lunarity

My idea:

change name on forum [ With little help from Rolle ] to PFC.Reiser.K

In game set You'r Name with a clan tag.

And write that You're from =7Cav= and You're proud of it in You'r forum signature. That'll be good for forum layout, for our eyes, and You'll be still representing You'r clan :)

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I have an idea for a middle ground.

just remove the PFC and the .K then put a space between the = and R.

that would leave "=7Cav= Reiser".

I think that should fit in the space allotted.

I would be able to keep my clan tag before my name.

I wouldn't have to worry about asking Rolle to change it in the future when I get promotions.

If that sounds good to you, please change it to that.

Thank you.

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