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Trade Post and community

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I'm reading reports and events near or in the TPs on rp1/2 with a growing feel of unease.

Regarding the sheer amount of "incidents" around the TPs it seems quite foolishly atm to head over there. Chances seem pretty high that your are going to be robbed, shot or god-knows-what before entering/leaving or even robbed in the base.

In short: I'm going there. NOT.^^

Does this reflect the intention of the TP? Makes me wonder...

Do we need a police force keeping it clean? or an admin gunship hovering over? I'm volunteering as gunner, if so.

So: get yourselfs together. Play nice, play RP around and in the TP.

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Ive been sort of policing the trading post a bit today whilest ive been loged in on rp 1 ive spent a few hours in there and it led to some interesting moments but there's been no incidents inside per say just some interesting convosations as for the 50m radius i aint policing that solo lol also i got to chat with a lot of awesome people while i was thee that just hung out to socialise with the visitors

{police}{medic}stef on rp1 and 2

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Guest cleaner_leon

i would suggest dont hang around there for no reason..go there to trade or meet and teamup up with other players but dont leave your vehicles there unattended. that would solve most of the problems

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it has taken on the perfect atmoshpere of a zombie apocalypse trading post imo

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