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Seneram Donation Button!

Seneram runs great servers, Donate button is needed to let us help with expenses :)  

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I think since seneram is running that smoothe dm1 server, we should b able to donate to him so he can provide more servers and or help him out with his expenses.

What u guys think?

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I agree, it's a stable server, and I like this server because you can spawn with different weapons, but the m24 is my personally favorite.

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i took out someone wiht my m16 he and picked up their as50, 4 rounds got 3 kills and died with 1 round left :) i went rambo style ran in :P

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Guest Heinz

I will absolutely donate if i it lets me choose what gun i will have when i spawn ;)

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seneram deserves it hes a hard worker, and his server is sexay. low slots = no lag = more fun. If you vote no, specify if u can :)


also, seneram doesnt ask for help or anything to run this server for us, he plans on running a DM2 as well...We have met rolle's goals...and have surpassed them by alot im sure. Lets help Seneram for those that can anyway because he gets no expenses paid, they are out of his pocket.

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