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Jarred Brown

How much does a polar bear weigh?

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Enough to break the ice!

Hi, my name is Jarred! I'm fifteen years old and currently reside on the east coast in the United States of America. I discovered this website and server tonight, and thought I would go ahead and give it a try! I've been role playing for almost five years now, so I have quite a lot of experience. Having been born the US, and English being my native language, I'm quite skilled grammar and have an extensive vocabulary.

In role play, I'll most likely be a merchant; you'll frequently find me at the Trading Post trading my wares for other goods. You must watch out, however, because my hands are quite sticky, and I may try to rip you off if I think I can get away with it! I began role playing in 2007 with a modification of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. That modification was known (and is still known) as San Andreas Multiplayer. It is even more successful today than it was when I first began, and I still play it frequently.

If you'd like, feel free to shoot a PM over to me or say hi to me next time you see my in game. I'm a very friendly person in general, and absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends. Eventually, I hope to attain a Staff Position within the Community and stick around for quite a while. Hopefully, the rest of my DayZ life can be spent here without conflict. Thanks for reading, and as I stated before, feel free to say hey or ask me any questions either on this thread or in game.

Thank you!,

Jarred Brown.

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