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custom scripting

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as other people have mentioned before it's possible to add new vehicles, i have even seen private hives with custom weapons, like they removed the as50 and l85 and brought in guns from the russian style and such, they had even custom scripts for alt+f4's and the HUMANITY that i have been naging about rolle *wink *wink. I think you should either find a guy who can help you with the scripting or read up a little on it, I think if you manage to pull it of this server will be so much better, oh and i forgot they added c130 crash sites with new cool loot.

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It would be awesome, but I'd think it might cause more lag issues on the server as well.

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well most of the things are already in the game or only altered so i dont think it will cause more lag

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I think it would greatly add to the feel of the game to remove NATO style weaponry and vehicles, replacing them with WP/russian weaponry. Don't like the l85, breaks the stealth component, imho.

As I read that's the way rocket is heading with the standalone anyway :)

Rmod is rather introducing new things then balancing out the existing ones.

just my 5 cent :)


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