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I didn't ask for this..

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Col. Jin "Wings" Kazma's Jornal

Titled: "I didn't ask for this."

Day 0

I awoke after the chopper crashed on the coast of Chernarus..to find utter hell had broken loose. Even though I was temporarily discombobulated..I regained my footing quickly, grabbing what little food..water..and medical supplies I could carry I started the long trek along the north east..hoping to find some form of actual life.

My company and I had been studying the viral outbreak for weeks, the US Government footing out bill..until a rocket knocked out our rear rotor while we were surveying Cherno. I seem to have been the only survivor..which is never reassuring when you're faced with a viral apocalypse. It's also quite unfortunate when you're the American that survives..without any weapon or ammunition at your disposal. I never took the time out to learn Chernarussian...which gimps me now more than ever..not understanding the street or city signs..it complicates things somewhat..I have to find my way via landmarks.

After thirty minutes or so while jogging along the coast, I spotted a bus driving down the road, but chose to avoid those that might be inside it. I've seen how brutal the locals can be, and without a weapon I would rather not take any chances. The bandits are always the ones you fear most in these endeavors..not the survivors. To my surprise, there was a small boat off the coast, only about twenty meters from my location. I hastily swam over to it, only to find out that it had no weapons..but..had around three fourth's of a full tank of petrol.

I turned the nose of the boat outward, turning the throttle high when gunshots erupted from the town I had left. I could hear one high caliber sniper rifle, two AK-74's..and perhaps..one revolver. I didn't hear any screams for help; possibly because of the engine nose, or due to the fact my heart was pounding so hard it reverberated in my ears..either way..I took my leave before being discovered.

I navigated to the far north east, past the African Star wreckage..I decided to beach the boat and continue on foot to the north airfield, drinking my final canteen of water and consuming my last ration I broke into a dead sprint for eight hundred meters.

To my surprise, there were only the undead populating the airfield..with the smell of death especially pungent. I noticed a dead body..only a few hours old. He seemed to be a survivor, but his gear was stripped from him..one of the unlucky souls that was damned after the outbreak.

I hastily scanned the hangers, procuring a few smoke grenades..some food..and almost a full case of Mountain Dew before I found one of my most versatile weapons..the hatchet. Oh how I've missed the feeling of security that only a hatchet can bring. It only takes one clean chop to the neck to bring down any foe..and its so quiet..the infected never see it coming.

Don't get me wrong..I understand the need to have a long range weapon..but in America you always appreciate the simplicity of a silent kill.. whether it be razor wire..a baseball bat..golf clubs..the Bowie knife..or the classic bow and arrow..nothing surpasses a silent..but deadly kill. (No.. flatulence does not count.)

I only had to kill around three or four of the brutes that had found their way into the secondary hangar before I decided to pull the pin on a smoke grenade to distract the rest. As soon as the clinking of the metal met the tarmac, I sprinted for the traffic control tower, my nemesis obviously distracted by the lovely color and sounds from the well timed decoy.

As my luck would have it..there wasn't much to find in the air tower..just some empty whiskey bottles and tin cans..along with one shotgun that lacked any ammunition. I decided to abandon my search to head south towards the mountain of Klen.

Whilst flying overhead I had noticed something unusual on the top of its range...and now that I obviously have the time..I might as well see what is there.

I started heading southwest from the traffic control tower..pausing momentarily to check the power relays..which were shot to hell in back..making communication virtually impossible. I was stuck on Chernarus..for now.

End of log Day 0

Night 0

Finally..I've arrived at Klen..and what a sight sits before my eyes! It seems that there's a trading post that has been constructed on the summit..with a few guards and traders sitting on some blankets around a campfire and a hookah. The night proved quite eventful..I even met a few chaps that seemed to have eaten some of the undead..or people on the road..Not sure which exactly. One of the men had much dried blood around his mouth and knuckles..his skin pastier than Nixon before the Watergate scandal. He seemed like a nice chap..though it seemed like he set a hungry gaze on me quite a few times..I could be mistaken though.

Another one of the gentlemen there might have spent too much time at the powerplant..not only did he have more dried blood than the first..but he had a eerie green glow about him. There were a few milita there, but their names were hard to catch at first. My brain seemed extraordinarily clouded the longer we smoked..before long someone shot the hookah, causing a minimal commotion..then we called it a night.

I had feverish dreams that night..flashbacks to wars that had long past..visions of zeds chasing me through city streets..forests..graveyards..country roads..you name it..they were there..constantly thirsting for my blood..relentless in their pursuit for my soul.

I though I had awoken once on a remote shore..with no gear to call my own..not even a single backpack or can of beans to my name; but that didn't disturb me one bit. After all, I am not only a hunter..I'm a gentleman and a scholar! I ran through a few towns, scouting feverishly for something to drink, or a weapon to combat the onslaught.

I sprinted towards an airfield..where I could hear AK fire..but to my dismay..I didn't see any individuals there..just the zeds..their roars starting to unnerve me as I crawled around the south side of the hangars..hoping that God might take pity on me for a moment.

I found a AK..with no ammo..and then started to hear two men talking in the distance. I headed to the traffic control tower, springing up the stairs..hoping to find them. They asked if I was friendly, and my reply was very interesting to say the least. "Yes good sirs..I'm friendly but it seems that I'm bleeding to death..so it's time to commit suicide."

I lept over the ladder, my arms outstretched..preparing for death's cold embrace..both men standing next to the ladder seemed awestruck by the bloody display. As I felt the unbearable pain that was my life slowly ebb away..a smile crossed my face..the nightmare finally over..I would be able to rest in peace..


End of Log, Night 0

[Reserved for future additions]

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There will be updates for every day that I play. It's like a DayZ journal for people that like to read them.

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Guest Spesivtsev

Quite enjoyed reading this,keep it up.

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Enjoyed it, good stuff !

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This is pretty awesome! If you keep doing this, we'll have a novel of your adventures :P

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Needs more ukulele! Nice work!

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Yes, I'd hope to have done that, but unfortunately we're on pause for a while due to the unfortunate incidents happening on the server..the kill on sight and everything else. I'll sadly be switching to a game called "WarZ" soon, in hopes that their hardcore mode will drive away attackers. I'll be keeping a video diary/text diary of my events, all in hardcore roleplayer form.

Don't think this means I'm abandoning this thread or server..or ts. It'll just be slow until the kinks get worked out.

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Welcome back! I'll be reading this soon, since you seemed to have gotten plenty of positive feedback.

//Moving to the Roleplaying section.

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Sorry..i think this was started before there was a role play section :o

Haha, no need to be sorry, I figured as much. ;)

The next time you do it we will permaban you though.

//PM me if you want my useless posts that clutter your thread deleted and I'll do so. :P

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