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Guest jimihendrix

Greetings everyone

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Guest jimihendrix

Since I've been playing on the RP1 server for over the last two weeks, and luckily I'm part of the white-listed players, I believe it was about time to do a proper presentation.

My name is Ivo (and this is also my in-game name), I'm just very recently in the 30s club, and I've been playing dayz for about 2 months since I've left competitive gaming at BF3 where I was the team leader of the best Portuguese BF3 clan, and top10 in Europe. I was also the captain of Team Portugal on Nations Cups both on BF2 and BF3.

Although I have lot's of FPS experience my professional and personal life didn't left me with so much free time and motivation to continue online gamming as almost a second job.

Still, I've found Dayz and alas! it fits perfectly my almost paranoid interest on the post-apocalypse theme (from movies, to music, to games..). The fact that for the first time one game could match so well both that environment, a FPS perspective and RPG elements really made my day.

I'm kinda addicted to the game right now, particularly after finding the RP servers and leaving behind the increasingly high number of hackers on the main hive.

Most of the times I play with some friends from our BF3 clan and I like to play fair, since I believe we should respect the hacker-free environment that the admins provide us here, which is a great gift nowadays.

I will stop playing next month for professional reasons, and I'm not sure if I will be playing next year (either this version or the upcoming standalone). If you see a Japanese IP around here next year, it could possible be me ;)

Cya on the battlefield :D

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