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Stricter report rules

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seeing as more and more wrong kos reports come up, its time for some stricter rules. if someone gets caught opening a false kos report he should get a week ban and permaban if he repeats it. its hard to proove, so the best bet is to fraps your encounters and if someone does open a kos report and the other can proove it was not, by uploading the video of the incident, the wrong kos-reporter gets punished with a one week ban. this is only fair because you ( the admins ) swing the banhammer so fast, and in many cases you have to remove the ban after some minutes after you heard the other side, and in my opinion its intolerable to try getting someone banned on purpose that plays by the rules.

this way the kos reports should get reduced a bit, meaning less work for the admins.

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Many of the cases we have to ban someone simply to get them to reply on the forums even so we can solve it. It's just in the "miscommunication" cases we have to unban someone, and if there is someone running around KoS'ing for the cheer fun/griefing, it's better to get them off the server instead of having them around while the reports keep stacking up.

- After the whitelist came up, the KoS reports went down by alot. Yet there might be someone sneaking in that's been accepted that doesnt follow the rules.

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