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Well, Hello.

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Hey everyone, new to the forum but not so new to DayZ.

Spent quite awhile with a clan of about 20 or so individuals, it was good times for the most part. A few trolls, but ultimately it was the hackers that made us all pretty much quit playing DayZ. (Someone accused us of hacking on reddit, calling out for "white knight hackers" to come mess with our hive server, all hell broke loose and that was the beginning of the end).

Since then, I've been messing around with old games, but I keep wanting to play DayZ, so I have landed here. I really like the idea of a RP Sanctuary, we tried our own for a week and it was a blast.

I've read the rules, and particularly enjoy and welcome the no KoS rule! I'm more into helping each other survive then killing each other to survive, but realize it is also a part of the game :) I also have applied for the white list.

Hoping this is what I've been looking for, see ya around!

Also, if anyone is looking for an extra hand around their camp, let me know!

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Welcome to the server! If you want a clan, I know GARBS is recruiting! Hope you enjoy your stay, I've been loving it as well. :3

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