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The Blighted [Lore Faction]

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4 minutes ago, Misky said:

The group has always been a slow burn, even at our most active IC people shouldn't know we even exist but just like @Nyxsaid, with @RedSky on his much needed break it's been slowed a little more. Most of the roster is still very much active and engaging with our goals.

fair enough. just would like to see more of this group is all 🙂

and im assuming @RedSkywould have an answer about the goals. 



is this group excused because its a lore faction? 

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18 minutes ago, ImAtrix said:

fair enough. just would like to see more of this group is all 🙂

and im assuming @RedSkywould have an answer about the goals. 



is this group excused because its a lore faction? 

More or less, yes. The Admins and Loremasters are aware of everything that would typically be on display. All of the typical requirements are met just not displayed.

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9 hours ago, ImAtrix said:

and im assuming @RedSkywould have an answer about the goals. 


Hello dear Atrix, we appreciate your concern but everything is under control as of right now.

Much love.

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14 hours ago, ImAtrix said:



12 hours ago, Nyx said:



12 hours ago, ImAtrix said:


Hi, @ImAtrix.

First, thank you for being the first to point out the goals are missing; I was always wondering who would ask first. I'll get to that later. Let's go down the rabbit hole of activity.

Believe it or not, this group is actually fairly active; the group has a clear set of defined group goals and objectives it needs to achieve, all of which have been made by @Niveous , while I had some say in the eventual execution of how the group was going to function, I mainly did not touch upon what has been written down for us as goals, I did however put together a game plan on how to achieve the goals as a whole.

Most of these things are tasks for individuals rather than a collective group; this is why "The Blighted" appear to have no group presence; this is by design, I originally raised an objection to the Staff team when I was offered to lead this group that it would be much better suited with just a lore page and no visible roster and goals.

Because of A. The group needs a long slow burner as a runner up to existing and B. the majority of the start of the group is aimed at goals for individuals and therefore does nothing to contribute as a group for now.

However, this was disagreed with because the three lore groups that were posted were designed to have a more permanent presence on the server and are there to push the lore of Nyheim forward. So, therefore, @Hofer wanted them all posted.

After some deliberation where both Staff and I raised our concerns on either or, we compromised and decided that the roster was crucial to be visible, but that the goals for the good of the lore the blighted is tasked with providing to the server are not.

This has caused our "individual presence to be quite high" but at the cost of "not being visible as a group". That being said, some of our individual actions have already had a significant impact on specific groups of characters that have winded up on our path.

That being said, yes, I took a break, one which will be ending shortly.

And while @CutieTaffis currently on break as well due to a house moving situation since about 3 or 4 days.

The rest of the group has faithfully been going strong without any major activity issues, which is crucial because, as a lore group, it is intended to switch leaderships when the story reaches that point eventually.

So expect to see less of us; we are not here to be present; we are here to have another flavour of RP. As a good friend put it, Vanilla with a flavour, familiar yet different. And to find out what exactly that is or what this group is supposed to be and what it needs to achieve is as painful as it is to say, something you need to find out IC.

With all of that being said and long overdue, time to update the roster, which should've happened a week or two ago when I went on break.

@Saunders @Realize @Salted, sad to see you all go.

Welcome, @Morytania!

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Hello @RedSky,

You have a couple members in your group that have been flagged for inactivity, have a talk with them and see if they still want to be a part of this group.


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The idea of these groups was nice, but unfortunately it didn't pan out how we want to and so we're discontinuing them. We're going to focus our efforts in other areas.

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