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An apology...

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*Coop stands quietly on the rooftop, feeling the wind and rain against his body.*
*A deep sigh is heard before radio communication opens*


"I really fucked up today, everyone. I realize that. I let my personal shit get the best of me when I should have just kept my damn mouth shut."
*Coop winces as he grips his recent stab wound*


"I wanted to apologize to Bibi and the rest of VK. Were already at eachother's throats enough in this world as it is. I'm sorry I was a little bitch and took things further than they needed to go."

*radio silence for a few seconds as coop struggles to ignore his true feelings*


*he sighs as he continues*

"K....Billie.... I'm sorry for acting out of line at the end of today. Thank you for trying to keep me out of trouble. I'm sorry for the issues I've caused."

"To Pippa, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I just thought you were in a bad situation and needed an out. I know better now, I'm sorry."

"and to Luca and the rest of the yellow bands. I'm sorry for lashing out earlier. I see how things work around here now, and I'm sorry if I made things worse."

*Coop lets go of his radio, letting it drop from the rooftop. He hits his wound a couple times to make sure he feels the consequences of his actions*


"You fucking dumbass," he mutters to himself, "how are you going to find her if you're fucking dead?"

"You can't keep upsetting the people taking care of you. And you especially can't upset the people who are willing to turn a blind eye instead of shooting your arrogant ass"


*Coop wanders down from the rooftop and collapses into his bed. The pain from the wound keeping him up for quite some time*


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*Luca listens to the radio for a moment before pushing the PTT*
"You had to learn the hard way, coop. The boys could've easily shot you or done way worse to you but you managed to get out of that situation alive."
*She pauses for a moment*
"It's not gonna be easy, but you can probably find your way out of this hole. Just quit having attitude to the wrong guys. It's really not worth losing your life over."

"Oh... and I hope you see now that Pippa doesn't want out."

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Russian Confusion could be heard, Grisha then speaks

"What happened? Someone fill me in please."

"Is Pippa and everyone okay or do i need to come out from my camp to have a look?"

Transmission end.

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An American sounding calm man could be heard after he presses his PTT

"Everything is fine up here and has been dealt with..."

"Us 'orange armbands' have handled everything concerning in this regard."

"Everyone in... he would sigh send... it... city... is fine and well, I do not believe anyone needs to be alarmed."

Trey would release his PTT and continue to stargaze atop the moonlit roof

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-A disgruntled groan would come over the radio, the voice would sound raspy, annoyed but mostly pissed. The accent sounded like a weird mismatch, but mostly Slavic-


Pippa. Ah?


-The voice would be raised and with every-word the man would speak louder-

Pippa an out?!



-He would sigh deeply and seemingly calm down-


For your sake, I hope she is still breathing and doesn't hold a grudge, she is under the protection of the raiders and if she was harmed or decides she wants revenge for whatever, I am marking you.

Pippa, if you hear this. Contact me. NOW.


-The broadcast would abruptly end-


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*An American voice, not too high or low pitched would come over the radio.*

"Cooper. I'm not trying to keep you out of trouble. I'm making sure trouble does not start with VK again."

*He'd let go of the PTT button, sighing. Around 10 seconds pass, and Billie comes back on the radio.*

"If you actually stabbed Pippa though, I will personally throw you off of a roof. You shouldn't be attacking anybody inside of SC. I hope you learned your lesson, but there is still much I have to speak to you about. Some of it... you most likely won't like.. but I hope you do."

*Billie's chuckling is heard over the radio*

"Don't worry, it isn't anything terrible or life threatening, just a talk. Anyway, contact me asap, I will be around Send It for most of the day unless I am needed some place else."

*Billie would then release the PTT Button, going back to what he was doing*

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*A voice would come over his PTT, it would sound familiar to most who heard it.*

"I heard what you did to Pippa! It's fucked up stabbing someone, let alone one of my fucking friends."

*He would then raises his voice into an almost rage filled tone*

"Next time you do something that harms one of my friends, I'm going to fuck you up. You understand me Cooper!"

*Mick would then release his PTT*

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*Billie would come back over the radio, pushing in the PTT button*

"Mick, it isn't proven, calm down. He learned his lesson. If he didn't, I'll make sure of it. Don't worry about it, if he didn't learn, I'll make him learn."

*Billie would laugh a bit, before cutting the transmission*

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*kai would eventually come over the radio after listening for a bit* 


“trouble, you got yourself into. Apologies you must. *he would chuckle* listen, orangebandito are not your friends. Hell, I’m not even your friend. Find friends that have your back.... and don’t stab them in back. Easy.” 

*he would go back to breaking into the massive fortress that’s built in an apartment and the sound of hammers and axes would be heard* 

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*Billie would once again, get on comms.*

"The problem with Cooper is almost dealt with, if not already dealt with. There should be no more problems from him..."

*Billie would hum some tune, before cutting the transmission*

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