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To the fight club?


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*Daniil after listening in to his radio sights and changes his frequency*

"Good afternoon, Stary Muz here,, I am told the fight club were looking for me urgently? I apologize that I'm away from home at the moment, but you're welcome to speak with me here.

That being said an in person meeting will be difficult for a bit, tending to some... personal affairs at the moment."

*He releases his PTT and sighs saying to himself "always drama"*

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*Arch listens to the radio, surprised after hearing that the inactive fightclub is looking for people*

"Hello Mr Stary Muz,"

"Unfortunately the fightclub is currently not in business, we pretty much packed up and dipped."

"We are not looking for you at all bossman, perhaps someone is telling you fibs."

"We need not a meeting, you are more than welcome to keep to your own devices. "

"Stay safe big man."

*Arch releases his PTT confused by the situation*

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*Returning the broadcast to the other two gentlemen*

"Yes, which is why I was surprised when yesterday I received a transmission stating you lot had hostages outside my place and were demanding to speak with me. So either the hostages were confused on who was pointing guns in their faces, or someone is messing around under your name. 

No matter though, I trust you two enough to believe that if you say it's not you, then it's not you."

*A perplexed Daniil releases the PTT then*

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