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Mod Suggestions V1


Would you like to see these mods added?  

32 members have voted

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  • Lore Master

Found these mod the other day. Might be cool to add.


Custom Animations Mod


Mag Obfuscation


Increased Lumens


[Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack


Mass'sManyItemOverhaul (Been suggested and upvoted many times, still want it in though)



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  • Jackfish changed the title to Mod Suggestions
  • Community Manager

No to the Arma Weapon Pack. We barely use any of those weapons on Nyheim.

The rest +1

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  • Emerald

The animations wont work with expansion 

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  • Titanium

I want all these mods except for the weapon pack and maybe some of the animation shouldn't be used. 

Yes, I'm looking at the Dabbing one. Feel like people will just use that one to troll people. 

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  • Emerald

Everything but the arma pack, they look really low quality and tbh there are other better weapon packs out there.. apart from that it is a +1 for everything else and it would be extremely silly to not add these to the server

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  • Jackfish changed the title to Mod Suggestions V1

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