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Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
TODAY | 2021-08-06 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 16 hours, 35 minutes | Nyheim City

S1: Ruleplay/BadRP - 15/07/2021 19:30


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Server and location: S1, Nyheim, Send It City, upper appartment district.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:30 <-> 20:10

Your in game name: Bismarck Voronov

Names of allies involved: Holiday Otradovska @Millie

Name of suspect/s: @ImDeaconLNDont know his IC name

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): White Olga

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  (I have no video evidence where the music is not present or where Discord chat is audible, because I do not record and stream at the same time)
1:55:00 time stamp right before the initiation, 2:10:00 time stamp 15 minutes+- before getting shot

Detailed description of the events: 

So I was initially not going to report this, but after quite a few people gave me their point of view after watching the vod, I decided to change my mind and agree with them that this should be reported.

Holly and I were hanging around Send it city, casually waiting for some reports to come back from the people we had send into the PLIKT restricted area to gather intel. The people that were at send it city were nice, even though we had met them for the first time.

The people we had met were, Scrap, Grisha and an old man with an alien mask, forgot his name...

We were on "friendly terms with them" sorta, still feeling each other out getting to know one another, but suddenly Holly spots a car noise; as an absolute bloodhound, she perks up and runs over to an Olga which is being taken, this turns out to be the car from someone she knows who had asked her to keep it safe.

She initiates; I point my gun in pure confusion, trying to back her up; after a little while, the coin drops that I should initiate as well, and I do so as well.

I am still trying to get my bearings on what's going on, asking numerous questions about why and what the fuck is happening; I am requested to yell for help to our allies in the city over the radio by Holly, and I do so shortly after.

Suddenly a man in an orange raincoat runs up; I correctly identify him as Charlie; Charlie tells us the man in the car is one of "theirs". This man also allegedly had permission to use the vehicle in question.

Holly changes her tone, lowers her rifle and lets the man go; a bit of tid taddying around, and she goes to apologize; this is met with silence from the accused; however, I cannot prove this and only trust Holly to tell the truth OOCly. The only response given by the accused to the apology is a middle finger emote.

The man leaves with the car, comes back with the car, gets the vehicle stuck twice and goes off again; nothing interesting happened.

I believed the situation to be over and done with.

Keep in mind; we did not harm the man, we did not shoot the man, we took nothing from the man, we told him to turn the car off and stay inside it while we got our bearings.

After about 20 minutes, Plikt gets very active; of course, Holly and Bismarck take note and start observing it; I am still entertaining my newfound acquaintances on the ground while Holly goes all the way to the top of her apartment building.

Please note that you cannot hear my Discord; I disabled this for comfort purposes for the people I play with during stream; not only does it distract chat from my interactions, but it also makes people I play with uncomfortable during the time I stream.
 I am staring at PLIKT; I am getting near-constant updates; you can hear me refer to this a few times to Grisha, telling them to calm down because there's only X amount of Plikt, and they are moving to the gate.

Suddenly, the radio goes death quiet, suspiciously quiet; I decide to investigate; I go over to her apartment, and as soon as I enter the door on top of the ladder, I get hit in the chest, confused at where it came from I foolishly assumed it was PLIKT, so I take a stance more towards the right not to give a sliver line to PLIKT, I believed at the time, I was MISID'd in a firefight from PLIKT, however soon after I get shot again, this confuses me to such a point that I unmute in Discord and start franticly asking WHY anyone is shooting at me.

While I make my way down the staircase, I meet Grisha, who seems to be aiding me to a certain extent, Scrap decides to give me his leather sewing kit, and I patch up my plate for more protection.

Grisha wants to enter the Discord I am in for communication; I oblige and stand in a corner while inviting him; as soon as I tab back in, I hear someone telling Grisha to put his gun away; I didn't recognize him as the car driver at the time. Still, the coin dropped as I looked away and heard the words, "Hey pussy, you aim your gun; ah, at me?!", he immediately one taps me in the head.

So why am I reporting this?

When we were in the helpdesk with @Realize , the accused himself did not enter the helpdesk channel. Instead, his friend, who plays Charlie, decided to stand in for him. He argued that the reason they went straight to shooting. Because they were outnumbered, 2v6 according to him, he counts Scrap, Grisha, the old man, myself, Holly and one other person I did not know.

However, the only two who initiated from the dynamic was Holly and me, and we were effectively in a 2v2.

He argued that their characters played the situation to their smartest advantage to take care of the people who had threatened one of them.

And that the accused was not to blame because he had given the order to shoot.

However, I care to argue differently; what they did was unnecessary for the following reasons.

Holly and I were split up; Holly was alone on a roof which they could see, they could also see the door was unlocked, and nobody was guarding the front door; they could've snuck past and initiated taking her hostage and thus furthering RP.

Fine, they didn't do that, they sniped her, and after they shot her, they had a wounded Bismarck, without his gun out, which they could've taken and was vulnerable; instead, the only interaction given was "Hey pussy, you aim your gun; ah, at me?!" followed by a gunshot, again they could've taken one of us and furthered RP, creating a story and intrigue.

I believe the people involved were unnecessarily focused on killing rather than RP'ing; his friend admitted in the helpdesk they wanted to make certain that I would not remember the encounter so that the Scrap Rats would not hunt them down.

Seeing as the situation was resolved after the initiation, neither the accused nor Charlie would've had any reason to retaliate; they decided their characters did, but rather than take the roleplay route, which was incredibly available, they decided to focus on the rights they had been granted by the rules to open fire and end-all roleplay between the two parties.

And execute both Holly and me without any RP given; I find this poor roleplay craftsmanship.

I also believe their claim that they acted in a manner that valued their livelihood was wrong; his friend admitted knowing Bismarck was a raider and therefor needed to make swift work of me, yet the accused shot Bismarck in front of several people who will later be able to relay the information of the situation causing both the accused and his friend Charlie to be hunted down afterall.

There is no way either of them can claim they did not think about this because they waited 30 minutes on a rooftop waiting for the opportunity to JFK both me and Holly.

So any argument they make in terms of keeping themselves safe by doing these actions is, in my personal opinion utter bollocks, they wanted to kill two people and grab a bunch of loot. Because the rules told them they could, because if they had been interested in RP, they would've done it differently.

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Posted (edited)

Will post a full and extended POV when i get home.

Will also note that as far as I'm aware this was discussed and talked out with @Realize last night after i had taken a break.

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Additional information.
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Eugene Berco’s / ImDeacon’s POV 

I found a vehicle in a storage shed and was told that it could be borrowed. I decided to jump in it and drive towards the slums territory. As I tried to pass the group in front of the stairs (which I thought was a vehicle exit) I was confronted by @Millie, who informed me that it belonged to someone she knew. As the car comes to a halt, I immediately get initiated on by @Millie and @RedSky. Already being in the disadvantage that I was in, outnumbered and in a very exposed position. I couldn’t retaliate. I made it perfectly clear to them as I was being held up that I couldn't exit the vehicle just in case they would start to demand me to suddenly exit the car and was being as compliant as I could. @ImRabbit came forth upon hearing the commotion and managed to ease the situation that had unfolded. 

Now this is where I would like to make some points clear.

  • The moment of initiation, I had two people with weapons pointed at me, one that stood on top of the hood of the car with his rifle out (Red jacket guy) and additional people around my surroundings that I was uncertain of if they had initiated on me as well or were part of the group.. 
  • This isn’t the first time someone from @ImRabbit’s circle of friends had been held up at gunpoint by @Millie and her entourage, there were already unaccounted for tensions regarding that,  to which @Millie knew.

After that I decide to drive away with the vehicle and happen to swerve in behind a military building, very close to the area and decide to park it. The fact that this wasn't the first time they had pointed their weapons with hostile intent was the final draw. I decided to gain leverage by setting up on the adjacent roof top with a silenced weapon and waited for an opportunity that favoured me. As I was scouting the surroundings for them I noticed @Millie at the rooftop on the other side all alone and  fired a burst and killed her. 

A few moments later @RedSky came up on the rooftop door. I made sure that it was him before I fired and fired. He survived both shots and I lost sight of the line. I then decided to go down the apartments and rush him for a quick strike while he was disoriented and finish him off. At this stage, I had an associate with me, @ImCharcoal. As we approach i holster my SMG and act off as being a random civilian that was caught in the commotion. I heard one from @RedSky ‘s group say that they would shoot the perpetrator (Me) if they were to come. As I approached the building that @RedSky had been at I suddenly got caught off guard, having not seen him in that instant behind the corner. This being the perfect opportunity to kill him I took it and we re-initiated on the two group members that he was with.

They quickly throw their arms and claim not to be associated with him (which i couldn’t really confirm or deny). I assured them that if they hadn’t pointed their weapons at me and threatened me, I wouldn't harm them. I let them go and keep their weapons and gear before making a quick exit so no reinforcement would catch me.

Now here's some additional points I want to make clear that @RedSky accused me of which I would like to rebuttal:

  • I never grabbed any loot from YOU or your BASE. I would like the staff members handling this case, if deemed necessary to open up position logs to prove that I NEVER entered their base nor looted the corpses. In fact, the Red Jacket guy along with another ASKED if they could take anything to which i told them, ‘’I don’t care, take what you want’’ to which they helped themselves too. The guy in the Red jacket even followed me, carrying @RedSky ‘s plate carrier telling us that we should take it since he has no need for it.
  • It’s easy to point out potential scenarios in the aftermath. @RedSky, you can’t expect me to run up towards your BASE where @Millie was and BREAK OPEN your door and take her hostage. Like I said there were 3-4 of you outside of it, that would have been a major disadvantage for my character to be locked with one hostage in an exposed position. ICLY it wouldn’t have made any sense to me and borders NVFL. All these scenarios and conclusions you have drawn in your head are clearly intended to have been in your favour, hence I took the tactic that suited me better and had the better outcome.
  • I couldn’t see if anything was locked or not, the only time I noticed it was open was when you stood there, still for 1-2 minutes before I took the shot.
  • Upon further speculation, as the OP had mentioned that once initiations had been dropped it was "effectively a 2v2" it was not. It was a 2v1 and a possibility of others being involved. As approved groups and rights states that all groups with approved rights will be granted shared rights upon an initiation from a shared member of said group. Therefore my compliance was the only course of action. It was effectively a possibility of a 2v1 + the chance of @RedSky sharing approved rights by his group.

To my knowledge while I continued roleplaying with witnesses and other people in the area @ImRabbit went to the help desk and explained everything to the admin and @RedSky as he was the individual who gave the IC order to handle the situation. The conversation was rocky but at the end it was agreed the rights were there, that they just found it to be a scummy move because they didn't like the outcome. I'm not sure if this is a spite report after returning and realizing their bodies had been looted by a 3rd party or if someone got in their ear just pushing for my perm ban. Which to me having heard about the talks in the help desk seems to be more viable. I was just simply playing to my advantages in terms of tactics.

If I missed any points, I'll gladly answer them upon the staff's request.

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An additional point and info added..
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Millie POV

I was hanging around the apartments with @RedSkyand some others when I heard a car starting and went to investigate. Seeing a masked man with no armband who I didn’t recognize (@ImDeaconLN) behind the driver’s seat of what I recognized to be @Zanaan's car, I asked him who he was and he named himself as ‘the-motherfucker-who-just-found-a-car’. I informed him that the car belonged to Stary Muz (@Zanaan) and told him to stop. He’d pulled forward enough that if he went any further down the stairs I’d lose my window of opportunity to stop him, so I initiated. Though you can hear me initially defaulting to telling him to put his hands up, I cut myself off and tell him to turn the car off and stay in it, repeating the order several times.

I ask for someone to go find  @Zanaanor @Luca to see if one of them knows who this person is. He repeatedly mentions that he can’t get out of the car, but doesn’t tell us
who he is. Finally @ImRabbitcomes around the corner to tell me that the guy’s one of his. I immediately put my gun on my back and let the guy go, because as far as I’m concerned that makes him immune and the old man’s car is no longer my problem.

I apologize for the misunderstanding, having had no way of knowing that this unidentified stranger was allied with friends, and am met with the middle finger. I have a brief conversation with @ImRabbit and he warns me not to point a gun at one of his people again, then we part ways.

Some time goes by and there’s some roleplay with the other people there. I notice
the driver pulling up a couple of times and am careful to position myself with an easy out or put some cover between us in case he starts shooting, but for whatever reason nothing happens while I’m on the ground.

A while later we hear
PLIKT chatter on the airwaves and I head up to my roof to watch them. I notice there are some people on the rooftop where some of the fight club people live and wave at them before looking down at the city, naively thinking myself safe. I revert to being a sitting duck with binoculars and am rewarded with a bullet.

I consider the kill on myself valid.

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Connection Logs


16:55:03 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" is connected
20:44:16 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" has been disconnected

17:40:56 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" is connected
20:21:32 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" has been disconnected

18:37:39 | Player "Eugene Berco" is connected
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22:08:52 | Player "Eugene Berco" is connected
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19:24:14 | Player "Lucas Kane" is connected
20:44:16 | Player "Lucas Kane" has been disconnected
20:50:45 | Player "Lucas Kane" is connected
20:58:44 | Player "Lucas Kane" has been disconnected

17:16:10 | Player "Charles Waterbridge" is connected
20:08:34 | Player "Charles Waterbridge" has been disconnected
20:10:58 | Player "Charles Waterbridge" is connected
20:44:15 | Player "Charles Waterbridge" has been disconnected

Hit Logs


19:59:01 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Head(0) for 91.0942 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M16A4 from 130.834 meters
19:59:03 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Torso(11) for 27.3283 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M16A4 from 133.56 meters
19:59:04 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Torso(15) for 27.3283 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M16A4 from 133.56 meters
19:59:05 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Torso(11) for 27.3283 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M16A4 from 133.56 meters
19:59:05 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Torso(34) for 27.3283 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M16A4 from 133.56 meters
19:59:18 | Player "Eugene Berco" [HP: 94.5104] hit by FallDamage
20:00:58 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" [HP: 65.9482] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Torso(25) for 26.5816 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M16A4 from 152.233 meters
20:01:16 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" [HP: 39.8797] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Torso(24) for 26.5816 damage (Bullet_556x45) with M16A4 from 153.858 meters
20:05:28 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Head(0) for 42 damage (Bullet_Expansion_46x30) with MP7 from 5.98271 meters

20:05:47 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Lucas Kane" into Torso(12) for 26.9416 damage (Bullet_762x39) with AKM from 1.88282 meters
20:05:47 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Lucas Kane" into Torso(15) for 26.9416 damage (Bullet_762x39) with AKM from 1.88282 meters

20:05:28 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" (DEAD) [HP: 0] hit by Player "Eugene Berco" into Torso(23) for 12.6 damage (Bullet_Expansion_46x30) with MP7 from 5.98271 meters
21:11:50 | Player "Eugene Berco" [HP: 99.0899] hit by FallDamage

Kill Logs


19:59:01 | Player "Holiday Otradovska" (DEAD) killed by Player "Eugene Berco" with M16A4 from 130.834 meters
20:05:28 | Player "Bismarck Voronov" (DEAD) killed by Player "Eugene Berco" with MP7 from 5.98271 meters

Calling in the below to post their full POV as well as any unedited video evidence they may have. As there was far more people present then I've called in, I'm only calling in those relevant to the first situation, and the killing in the second, not the robbery that came after.


@RedSky -  Bismarck Voronov - OP

@Millie - Holiday Otradovska - Posted


@ImRabbit - Charles Waterbridge - Posted

@ImDeaconLN - Eugene Berco - Posted

@ImCharcoal - Lucas Kane - Posted



@ImDeaconLN - On review of the notes, what you are being accused of is ruleplay. Being initiated on and having the situation 'talked out' amicably and resolved usually does not result in people coming back to capitalize on kill rights and get kills.

From the VOD, you were asked who you were and said "The motherfucker that just found a car, get out the way man". Do you not feel you MIGHT have prompted the hostilities you received by basically baiting them with you pretending to be stealing their vehicle? Then you went back and killed them after?

You state in your POV you did it because its the second time they've pointed guns at your dynamic of friends. What other justification did you have for going back to kill two people with no roleplay, over a situation that was resolved within less then 3 minutes and you went on your way.

I'm asking you this because I don't feel it was answered fully in your POV, and I really want to know what you were thinking.

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Will respond in a moments notice @Rover when i get home if thats fine.

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My POV starts on the roof top of a nearby apartment. @ImDeaconLN and I are in contact over the radio to which he lets me know he found an Olga. I explain to him how that is a neighboring person's vehicle who had an agreement with my friends to let us use this vehicle. He then hopped into the vehicle telling me he'd be right back and he was going to check our old base near the fight club warehouse. He kept asking if I was in the group of people as he drove down the road. I didn't hear this at first as I was a little busy stepping away from my pc every 2 minutes dealing with my dog. I returned to see the car pulling deeper into the group and the raider pointing a weapon in that direction. Having witnessed them initiate on someone about an hour or half hour prior I assumed the worst, grabbed @ImCharcoal who was with me on the roof and headed straight down. When I arrived to no surprise Millie and the Raider were aiming guns at Deacon and the vehicle, barking orders. I approached and stated "What the fuck are you doing he's with me". To which the guns were put down and the situation seemed all but diffused. I pulled Millie to the side for a private conversation stating "This is the second time you've stuck a gun in a friend of mine's face. There will not be a third" . To which a argumentative response was given, stating how he was in the wrong this that and the other. It should be noted prior to this initiation on @ImDeaconLN the raider and I exchanged words. Simple little "roasting" of his chosen outfit. Which is extremely true to my characters attitude. His response something along the lines of "Wait until the prophet is here" or something along those lines mentioning the prophet. This statement perceived as a dry threat absolutely set the tone for the day. As well as my home being raided by these individuals and Millie herself when the fightclub was still around. Given this incidents between myself, my friends, and the raiders a certain animosity develops. Tired of having random friends held up or at risk of being held up by these individuals whenever they are just "In the mood" I regrouped with @ImDeaconLNand @ImCharcoal. Deacon proceeds to explain what he said behind a joke, as you can clearly tell by his tone turned into a life threatening situation by two individuals in a mob over 5-6. We talked about how if we pressed the issue now we'd be outmanned. So I instructed him to wait, bide his time until the crowd dispersed. A callout was made spotting Millie on her rooftop alone. I then told Deacon to take his revenge and make sure these situations stop happening. He shot and killed her. A few moments later the specific raider who was involved peaked out from the doorway, just standing still. I recognized the outfit I previously made fun of him for and told Deacon to fire again, He struck the individual but he didn't go down he just side stepped back inside and out of view. After seeing this I turned to @ImDeaconLNand @ImCharcoalif he keeps breathing the rest of the raiders are going to come around and start blowing every door up. Tired of the constant confusion, robberies, raiding, shit talking from the individuals my exact words to the duo were "Every single person who pointed a gun at you needs to die" thus sending them down to the ground to finish off the individual. 

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Posted (edited)

The events that unfolded were pretty much as @ImRabbit stated in his POV. There was prior Roleplay to what unfolded, on second hand account i do believe that it was an unfortunate of events when it came to @RedSky as he even stated in the Stream ''What have i gotten myself in too''. I definitely could have worded myself better in regards with the Olga however, believing that it was common knowledge for most that it could be taken and borrowed with the residents. I believe he might not have been aware of much that had happen prior in regards of exchange of RP hence he might have felt that the hostilities that took place might have been sudden for him, which i completely understand. But at the same time what happend was roleplay that was handed over to us in combination with past experiences with the group. There had been series of robberies and hostilities that had taken place with the group he's affiliated with however if he had partaken in most of them i wouldn't know. It was more of a pile up with all the roleplay that had happen prior which caused this outcome. Eventually stacked with everything that had happen, this was just a pile that eventually erupted with combination of everything.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, ImRabbit said:

the raider and I exchanged words. Simple little "roasting" of his chosen outfit. Which is extremely true to my characters attitude. His response something along the lines of "Wait until the prophet is here" or something along those lines mentioning the prophet. This statement perceived as a dry threat absolutely set the tone for the day.

I would like to point out that the sentence said was "God, if it wasn't for the prophet", The prophet is the alpha, and I am because of deals he made not allowed to harm people that were associated or are associated with the fightclub, which is as far as the conversation went; indicated through speech at the time. This turned out to be a misunderstanding.

But that misunderstanding favoured you in the end, because as far as Bismarck is aware he cannot harm you.

The situation @ImRabbit mentions and I quote can be found at 56:28 on this seperate vod, sorry the vods are split up due to a variety of crashes on my end.

I would also like to point out that I have been one of the only raiders on the server and haven't initiated on anybody in the last two weeks up until the thing with the Olga happened and the thing with @sandvich, that same day.

The reason why I wanna mention this specifically is because it erks me theres claims that we have been overly hostile against your people in your POV, while this is simply not the case and most likely on your end a case of Misidentification of who was doing these things.

I have also not raided a single base that actually contained anything of value, for a very long time, I think there is two times I recall, but seeing as the objects behind the locked doors were all despawned I'd guess thats not your stuff.

So I do not understand what previous conflict you are trying to insinuate we have had in the past and would like some specifics to rejolt my memory incase I am actually missing something here.

Perhaps @Millie has had hostilities with you, but I certainly cannot remember anything significant. That I was involved in myself. Except for you annoying Bismarck with your clothing comment and big dicking, which is fair, if thats how your character acts, I wont judge that, thats more than half the raiders.

Feel free to go through my vods of the last two weeks, I have streamed every single RP session. Which will be able to be confirmed by connection logs if neccesairy, theres one singular one I logged on with out streaming and this was to go get something from the Stash after having died.

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3 minutes ago, RedSky said:

I would like to point out that the sentence said was "God, if it wasn't for the prophet", The prophet is the alpha, and I am because of deals he made not allowed to harm people that were associated or are associated with the fightclub, which is as far as the conversation went indicated through speech at the time. This turned out to be a misunderstanding.


A misunderstanding In Character which was roleplayed accordingly by me and my dynamic. Mistakes, misinterpretations, and misunderstandings happen in character which leads to stories and conclusions that are organic to roleplay. This is one of those situations. 

5 minutes ago, RedSky said:

The reason why I wanna mention this specifically is because it erks me theres claims that we have been overly hostile continously in your POV, while this is simply not the case and most likely on your end a case of Misidentification of who was doing these things.

I have also not raided a single base that actually contained anything of value, for a very long time, I think there is two times I recall, but seeing as the objects behind the locked doors were all despawned id guess thats not your stuff.

So I do not understand what previous conflict you are trying to insinuate we have and would like some specifics to rejolt my memory incase I am actually missing something here.

As stated by Deacon the fact /you/ don't remember or didn't personally take part in any of the incidents I'm about to mention has no bearing on how my character would perceive you. The Raiders as a whole are an organization, your character is a member of that organization there for, their crimes are your crimes. But let's get into the incidents I'm referring to specifically just to clarify. 

  • We have a member of the Raider's "working party" initiating on a member, to which he and @ImCharcoaldealt with, the rest of the raiders showed up, words exchanged before understanding their worker was in the wrong.
  • My personal home being raided self admittedly by Millie and the raiders. (Which was a mistake but happened none the less) 
  • Back and forth smack talks at the community center when it was still active to which you were definitely present for one as I remember it involved you telling us a member of the Collectors put our name down on some make believe roster of who'd back them against the Raiders.
  • People consistently being initiated on by Millie n co in front of my friends home while they are trying to provide a more peaceful environment. (One of which you were apart of and I entered in on as seen in your VOD)
  • Countless raids against friends' homes, taking them as hostages, forced labor.

Now again, just because you personally were not there means nothing to my character, doesn't interest him in the slightest, your association with the group is what makes you guilty. That's the cost of being involved in a group that conducts activities like that on the regular. Just because a week or hell even two pass since my character made an appearance doesn't mean all is forgiven, in fact, that was my first day actively playing in a week and the first incident I have is a heated exchange with you, a raider. So in my characters mind, you were an easy target, easy recompense for the past actions against him. 

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POV of Guy in Denim

My POV goes as such, was having a wonderful day with the boys and enjoying renovating the apartment building. I met a large group of people, I had trouble hearing them so I re log a couple times until it eventually worked. After my issue was fixed, recognizing @ImDeaconLN I rush over to him and say "Yo is that my homeboy, ayeee thats my homeboy right here." Making it clear to everyone who doesn't know it that he was someone I knew and someone I recognized and rolled with. this can be see in the VOD at 1:49:17. I would like to point out that this was both within range of both the original attacker and one of in which is looking right at me conversating with @ImDeaconLN. Few minutes later I'm on top of our rooftop reorganizing items looking over @ImRabbit as he goes afk. @ImRabbit returns we go about our business reorganizing when he pulls me aside and tells me to follow him, I do as he says and we go down downstairs and see two individuals holding up one of ours, @ImRabbit quickly deescalates the situation which was odd for our hot headed leader. I pretend to drink my canteen and look around and I quickly caught on that we would be outnumbered and played along and stood quietly getting ready for the worst. @ImRabbit bids @ImDeaconLN to back up the car, he does as he says and proceeds to the right exit this time. I return to the rooftop discuss the situation with @ImRabbitin which he expressed that this has been happening to not only our group of individuals but also peaceful bypassers . I rely the information to the rest of the boys who were planning to get on. We waited for @ImRabbit decision on the next step in which an individual called out Millie being on the roof, @ImDeaconLN asked for confirmation to kill and was granted by @ImRabbit a burst of shot was issued and Millie was down for the count, another individual which was the raider who initiated standing on the doorway. The next burst of shot was issued and was unable to finish the job. @ImRabbit calls out my name and tells  @ImDeaconLN and I to finish the job before it gets out of hand. I comply and provided aid. We walk down to analyze the area without our guns in hand which led us to the half dead raider. I count and only see 3 including the raider and knew I was capable of handling it. An individual then uttered that "If they come up here I'm just going to fucking kill them." 2:27:13. I get in position the last words were uttered and I begin my initiation on the two other individuals both of them toss up their hands without any struggle, I tell @ImDeaconLN that the job is done and yelled in three bar that "This is a message from Rabbit anyone who fucks with us from now on suffers the same faith." I walked back to our rooftop informing everyone that the deed was done.

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@ImDeaconLN - Ruleplay x 2 - Guilty



In this situation @ImDeaconLNfinds a vehicle next to a cluster of players, and is informed it can be taken for his use. He gets into it and begins to drive away, where he is then approached by the players that were nearby. When questioned "Uh, hi, who are you?" by @Millie, @ImDeaconLN responds with "I'm the mother fucker that just found a car, get out the way man." and begins trying to drive through the group of players to leave. A warning is given to stop without initiation, but due to @ImDeaconLNdriving towards the exit anyway he is then initiated on by @Millie, and shortly after @RedSky.

A few other players back away from the situation rather then stake a claim in it. @Millieattempts to control the situation and figure out who the person is 'stealing' the car. Radio messages go out, confusion happens ICly, and eventually the situation is cleared up when @ImRabbit arrives and  clears up the situation by vouching for @ImDeaconLN.  Charles vouches for the guy in the car, and the situation is immediately defused. Guns go away, and @ImDeaconLNis allowed to leave with the vehicle.

Around ~30 minutes later, @ImDeaconLNspies Millie standing on a building, and using the kill rights gained in the situation above shoots and kills her. Shortly after, they also hunt down and kill @RedSky after roleplaying in disguise with him for a few minutes. They then take two other players that were around @RedSkyhostage, and later release them.


@ImDeaconLN- Simply put, this is ruleplay. You gained kill rights from a minor misunderstanding that was resolved in under three minutes with no harm to yourselves or your allies. YOU were the cause of the initiation:

  • You took a vehicle out from under the noses of a cluster of players, who were clearly concerned. When approached, rather then explain yourself you sassed them.
  • When they clearly were still trying to talk to you, and clearly believed you were operating with nefarious intent, you ignored their efforts to roleplay and drove through them to get away with the vehicle.
  • You forced the initiation by portraying yourself as a thief, and you forced them to initiate by trying to leave while they were still obviously attempting to figure out who you were and what you were doing.

All of the IC justifications given by @ImDeaconLN, @ImRabbit & @ImCharcoalhave zero basis in how this situation should have been handled. If anything, your clear and obvious attempts to justify this use of kill rights with a scattergun approach of reasoning shows how thin the argument is.


4.3 You shouldn't use kill rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using them to kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information. Kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all.

The ruleplay rule exists to prevent these exact sorts of situations. Regardless of your history, perceived or factual, your kill rights were obtained due to a misunderstanding around stealing a car, that you prompted with your IC response. You then took these kill rights, and viewed them through the lens of apparently weeks of bad blood to try and justify using them. That is not how this works. If you wanted to take vengeance for weeks of slights then find them and take them hostage/execute them, if you have valid grounds to execute them. Go about it the proper way, instead of using kill rights obtained under dubious conditions with the barest of justifications.

Additionally, viewing this situation in the light most favorable to @ImDeaconLN, the kill on @RedSkywould still be invalid. You had two people prepared to initiate and take hostage three people with weapons on their backs, one of which had already been shot. You were even roleplaying in disguise with @RedSky. You should have taken @RedSkyhostage instead of functionally executing him, and then initiating on his friends. Kill rights are not meant to be used in this way, and once again shows a clear prioritization to killing opposed to roleplay.

Regardless of whether you were acting on your own choices or under the instruction of @ImRabbit, you are responsible for your actions. In this case, you are responsible for invalidly killing two players.



@ImDeaconLN - Ruleplay x 2 - Guilty, 3 day ban and 10 warning points. Due to being on Final Warning, this results in your removal from the community.


If you feel this verdict is incorrect or unjust, you may appeal via support tickets to the administration team.

With that said,

Signed.: @Rover, @Inferno

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