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Enigma Cipher Machine - Appears to be Bugged

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Finally got myself all the required materials for one of the Enigma Machines, but upon following both:
    A) The video tutorial found on the DayZRP fourm
    B) Multiple online searches

I've come to the conclusion that the machine may be bugged. Even using the simplest of encodings does not seem to work. 

The configuration I was using was:
- Reflector Beta
- Rotor 5   (Ring - A, Initial - A)
- Rotor 6   (Ring - A, Initial - A)
- Rotor 7   (Ring - A, Initial - A)
- Metal Wire
- 9v Battery

Text to Encode: "TEST"
- Multiple Encodings recorded: XAZX, OAJR, WAJU, IAJX, UDAX, CACB, etc

None of the provided Encodings sync up when decoding. Attempts to change around the rotors have been done with no success. Attempts to change out the reflector with Reflector Gamma resulted in no success.

Basically, just reporting this incase this actually IS broken. That or I'm just completely out of it and can not for the life of me get it to work. Any assistance is appreciated.

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@Empress, my knowledge of the initial encoding of the Enigma machine is too scuffed, is this man doing something wrong or not?

Cause I am aware every time you encode something it will give a different result. Or is it actually bugged, in which case @Olipro is the man to talk to

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