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Server time (UTC): 2021-07-31 06:00

Lore Event - "The Scientists"
TODAY | 2021-07-31 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 12 hours, 59 minutes | Nyheim City

S1: Nyheim - Attempted Invalid Kill x2 - 14/07/2021 @ 21:00 & 21:40 (ish)


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Server and location: S1 Nyheim, Clinic West & Apartments east

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approx. 21:00 Server time & 21:40 server time

Your in game name: Luca Thijs

Names of allies involved: @Zanaan@Eagles@Mason@Morytania & Nightclub boys

Name of suspect/s: @Limeindy

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Attempted Invalid Kill 1 & Attempted Invalid Kill 2

Detailed description of the events: 

The boys and I were hanging out at the clinic in the west side of town talking when suddenly I get shot from somewhere, go down and get back up. We go into cover and then leave the area after trying to find the shooter (with no luck).

We make our way back to our rooftop homes to treat the injury and then join helpdesk and speak to @Calabout the situation, when suddenly @Zanaangets mag dumped from our rooftop door. @Masonand co. then get control over the building and eventually are able to eliminate the shooter.

There were no prior initiations or hostage situations from my group, so whoever shot me and zanaan had absolutely 0 rights and didn't initiate.

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Posted (edited)

Eagles POV:

Myself, @Luca, @Zanaan, @Morytania, @DrBrain and @Mason are making our way through the city, we stop by the nightclub since Mason told us it would be opening in the next day or so. We leave the nightclub and head a little ways down the road to the clinic and have a bit of internal RP between members of Basilisk about our plans for the near future and more of the Nightclub people show up, I take a moment to head into the clinic and go to the bathroom and come back to find out Luca has been shot by an unknown assailant. Luca does some brief medical RP with herself before all of us start to get on the move back to our homes as we had no luck in finding the initial shooter, Nightclub providing additional security for us.

Once we arrive back to our homes I proceed with a bit of medical RP with Luca to ensure her wound is properly tended to while Zanaan keeps a look out over anything that could get a shot down onto us, once the medical RP has concluded we proceed to jump into Help Desk with the lovely gamemaster Cal to try and talk to the person that shot Luca in the first situation. While in said help desk waiting on them Zanaan suddenly starts to get sprayed down from behind our locked door and goes unconscious, once he comes to and makes his way into the cabin more shots are sprayed and I leave our cabin to see if the shooter was still on the other side, seeing he was I proceed to spray through a crack in our door frame and hit him a couple of times before he retreats back down the ladder. As he does so I yell down to everyone to get to the top of our building, Mason and @Millieare the first ones to get to the top in which Mason drops an initation on everyone in the building and starts to clear it room by room, he eventually finds the shooter and sprays him down. A second person is found within the building and hostage RP ensues with him as we couldn't determine whether he was with the accused or not as well as Zanaan receiving medical RP. 

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Pov: Well let's see, the citizens of send it city were having a lovely little chat outside the slums clinic. We were then greeted by the members of the nightclub, and overall were having a good time, and talking about our plans for the day. Then @Luca randomly gets dropped sending everyone into high alert. Myself and the rest of the Basilisk retreated back to Luca's roof to get her medical attention, and then to go to helpdesk to talk to the perpetrator. We then join HD and while we are waiting on him, I suddenly get sprayed at through the door to the roof. I manage to crawl into the cabin, confused about what's going on, and everyone else rushes the attacker while I get medical RP. 

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Mory's POV:

We were having some nice internal roleplay by the old clinic that Luca used to run in the broken part of the city, when The Nightclub group walked up and we included them in our RP as well. I was minding my own business, snacking on some Skidaddles provided to me and chatting about plans for the day when suddenly Luca drops like a sack of bricks right next to me from a suppressed gunshot, causing us all to panic. We RP the situation out and head back home to our rooftop sanctuary to give Luca medical attention after being unable to find the shooter in the first incident. We're all on edge and on guard for a while once we get back, but I decide it's finally time for me to log out for a bit and make a snacco, except right as I'm heading up my stairs to log out I hear lots of gunfire from Luca and Atlas's roof and then initiations being dropped by Mason and Millie. I'm not directly involved with the second situation but I witnessed some of it from afar from my rooftop viewpoint. From my understanding, the guys followed us and probably found a gap in time when they could sneak up the building and attempt to kill Zanaan and Luca again, but thankfully they'd had the forethought to lock the door so I guess the person couldn't get a clear shot.


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Connection Logs


OP & Allies
19:06:47 | Player "Luca Thijs" is connected 

19:46:45 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" is connected 

19:12:02 | Player "Atlas Griffin" is connected 

19:55:24 | Player "Zachery Neymec" is connected 

21:16:57 | Player "Nina Crowe" is connected 

20:59:09 | Player "Mako Ellis" is connected 
21:52:09 | Player "Mako Ellis" has been disconnected

Hit Logs


21:06:18 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<2258.6, 2553.6, 35.3>)[HP: 91.6557] hit by Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<2293.1, 2674.2, 38.1>) into LeftArm(22) for 82.9673 damage (Bullet_762x39) with vz.58(model 58) from 125.439 meters 
21:06:18 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<2258.6, 2553.6, 35.3>)[HP: 66.7655] hit by Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<2293.1, 2674.2, 38.1>) into Torso(21) for 24.8902 damage (Bullet_762x39) with vz.58(model 58) from 125.439 meters 
21:44:17 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3471.2, 1904.5, 92.6>)[HP: 50.2803] hit by Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3477.4, 1902.3, 92.0>) into Torso(11) for 49.6892 damage (Bullet_762x39) with vz.58(model 58) from 6.58367 meters 
21:44:28 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3472.8, 1903.2, 92.0>)[HP: 19.8467] hit by Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3476.0, 1903.9, 92.0>) into Torso(1) for 30.7708 damage (Bullet_762x39) with vz.58(model 58) from 3.25683 meters 
21:44:40 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3477.2, 1902.2, 92.0>)[HP: 73.1937] hit by Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3472.9, 1905.1, 92.0>) into LeftLeg(10) for 107.219 damage (Bullet_762x39) with AKM from 5.20149 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.0, 1903.5, 85.0>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3465.8, 1900.7, 85.0>) into Torso(24) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 2.8225 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.0, 1903.7, 85.3>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3465.9, 1900.7, 85.0>) into Torso(32) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.04921 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.1, 1904, 85.4>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.2, 1900.7, 85.0>) into LeftArm(18) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.31375 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.2, 1904.0, 85.4>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.3, 1900.7, 85.0>) into Torso(14) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.4096 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.2, 1904.2, 85.5>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.3, 1900.7, 85.0>) into Torso(7) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.56657 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.2, 1904.3, 85.6>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.3, 1900.7, 85.0>) into Torso(6) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.65934 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.1, 1904.3, 85.6>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.2, 1900.6, 85.0>) into Torso(36) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.73041 meters 
21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.1, 1904.3, 85.6>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.1, 1900.6, 85.0>) into LeftLeg(9) for 95.6221 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.75832 meters 
21:46:17 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.0, 1904.4, 85.6>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.1, 1900.6, 85.0>) into Torso(24) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.82835 meters 
21:46:17 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.0, 1904.5, 85.6>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.1, 1900.6, 85.0>) into Torso(23) for 79.685 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.86905 meters 
21:46:17 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.0, 1904.5, 85.6>)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3466.1, 1900.6, 85.0>) into Head(0) for 68.9764 damage (Bullet_545x39) with AK-74 from 3.86905 meters 

Kill Logs


21:46:16 | Player "Mako Ellis" (DEAD) (pos=<3466.0, 1903.5, 85.0>) killed by Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3465.8, 1900.7, 85.0>) with AK-74 from 2.8225 meters 

Chat Logs


Luca Thijs
21:06:54 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *keeps pressure on her shoulder*
21:07:14 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *Stuffs some gauze into her shoulder wound*
21:08:21 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *has gauze stuffed into her shoulder*
21:13:31 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *pushes some more gauze into the wound, wincing*
21:18:04 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *keeps pressure on her shoulder, her hand now covered in blood leaking out*
21:19:35 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *its leaking through all the gauze and bandages covering it*
21:20:44 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): .// bullet is still inside and hit a blood vessel
21:22:36 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): .// Whole, sitting on a vein
21:26:27 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *she's starting to look a little pale*
21:45:52 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *pushes some gauze into every wound she finds*
21:48:42 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *grabs some new gauze and stuffs it into the wounds, trying to slow any bleeding*
21:49:52 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *pulls the stethoscope from her bag and quickly puts it under his jacket to check for any signs of tension pneumo or hemothorax*
21:49:56 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): .// do i find anything?
21:51:13 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *quickly slides on some nitrile gloves with her one uninjured hand*
21:51:34 | Chat("Luca Thijs"): *presses down his ribs to check for any fractures*

Atlas Griffin
21:19:15 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he takes a moment to look over her shoulder* //what would he see?
21:20:04 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he takes out some quick clot and gently pulls away the gauze from the front side of her shoulder*
21:20:18 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *as he pulls the gauze away he starts to pack the wound a bit better*
21:20:30 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): .//is it a through and through?
21:21:55 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he gives the quick clot the chance to soak up some of the blood he pulls it away and looks into the wound*
21:22:15 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): .//how many fragments or is it whole?
21:24:52 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he takes out a what he needs in order to clamp the vessel and he starts to go to work on stopping the bleeding*
21:25:30 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he opens up the wound with forceps allowing himself a better view of the vessel*
21:25:57 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *He soaks up more of the blood as it starts to pool again*
21:26:39 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he finds the bleeding vessel and pulls out his clamp and clamps the vessel*
21:27:35 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he finds his tweezers and locates the bullet, taking his time to pull it out to not cause any more damage*
21:28:18 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he takes out a tourniquet and ties her arm off to try and quickly find a vein for the blood bag*
21:29:02 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *as the vein starts to slightly pop he quickly and carefully inserts the IV line into her arm and undoes the tourniquet*
21:29:31 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he takes out a nail and using the end of one of his mags hammers it slightly into the wall, hanging the blood bag onto it*
21:30:21 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he takes out a hemostat and starts to tie of the knicked vessel slowly*
21:31:03 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *as he ties of the vessel he removes the forceps from the wound*
21:31:25 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he pulls out another quick clot bandage and repacks the wound quickly*
21:32:22 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he takes out his suture kit and using nylon thread he would start to carefully sew up the open wound*
21:33:04 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *as he makes the final stitch he ties off the thread and snips it*
21:33:41 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he pulls out a small container of betadine and pours it carefully over the stitches and takes out a bandage*
21:34:15 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he wraps her shoulder snugly to keep the bandage in place and pins it as he finishes*
21:34:44 | Chat("Atlas Griffin"): *he lifts her chin to look into her eyes to see if the color is coming back to her*

Daniil Turgenev
21:50:45 | Chat("Daniil Turgenev"): //his breathing is stable but strained from bruising
21:51:59 | Chat("Daniil Turgenev"): //one fractured rib, no full breaks

Position Logs


Luca Thijs
21:01:04 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<2257.2, 2554.2, 35.3>)
21:06:03 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<2258.5, 2553.7, 35.3>)
21:11:02 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<2691.9, 2375.3, 31.5>)
21:16:01 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3359.5, 1899.2, 45.7>)
21:21:00 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3464.3, 1901.7, 92.3>)
21:25:59 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3464.3, 1901.7, 92.3>)
21:30:58 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3464.3, 1901.7, 92.3>)
21:35:57 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3464.3, 1901.7, 92.3>)
21:40:56 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3464.8, 1901.4, 92.3>)
21:45:55 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3465.7, 1903.6, 92.3>)
21:50:54 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3465.8, 1903.2, 92.3>)
21:55:53 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3465.7, 1906.3, 92.3>)
22:00:52 | Player "Luca Thijs" (pos=<3465.7, 1906.3, 92.3>)

Daniil Turgenev
21:01:04 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<2255.8, 2553.8, 35.3>)
21:06:03 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<2259.8, 2553.7, 35.3>)
21:11:02 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<2687.1, 2378.5, 31.5>)
21:16:01 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3360.4, 1901.5, 45.1>)
21:21:00 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3473.5, 1905.9, 92.0>)
21:25:59 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3474.9, 1907.4, 92.0>)
21:30:58 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3478.6, 1905.8, 92.0>)
21:35:57 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3477.2, 1908.2, 92.0>)
21:40:56 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3479.3, 1912.5, 92.0>)
21:45:55 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3467.0, 1904.1, 92.3>)
21:50:54 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3467.0, 1904.1, 92.3>)
21:55:53 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3466.6, 1906.7, 92.6>)
22:00:52 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3466.9, 1907.0, 92.6>)
22:05:51 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<3483.5, 1909.8, 85.0>)

Atlas Griffin
21:01:04 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<2257.9, 2551.6, 35.3>)
21:06:03 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<2245.2, 2577.5, 36.3>)
21:11:02 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<2696.0, 2374.0, 31.5>)
21:16:01 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3356.4, 1900.7, 45.5>)
21:21:00 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3464.3, 1902.8, 92.3>)
21:25:59 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3464.3, 1902.8, 92.3>)
21:30:58 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3464.4, 1902.7, 92.3>)
21:35:57 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3464.4, 1902.7, 92.3>)
21:40:56 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3464.4, 1902.7, 92.3>)
21:45:55 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3473.8, 1904.9, 92.0>)
21:50:54 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3478.2, 1903.1, 84.3>)
21:55:53 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3466.2, 1903.5, 85.0>)
22:00:52 | Player "Atlas Griffin" (pos=<3483.8, 1909.0, 85.0>)

Zachery Neymec
21:01:04 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<2163.5, 2534, 35.5>)
21:06:03 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<2256.5, 2542.3, 35.3>)
21:11:02 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<2346.9, 2490.1, 33.0>)
21:16:01 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3358.4, 1897.0, 46.4>)
21:21:00 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3354.0, 1922, 82.5>)
21:25:59 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3570.6, 2065.4, 28.8>)
21:30:58 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3409.4, 2025.4, 31.5>)
21:35:57 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3298.8, 2049.8, 31.5>)
21:40:56 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3572.7, 1891.8, 49.8>)
21:45:55 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3479.5, 1903.3, 78.4>)
21:50:54 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3473.7, 1909.8, 78.3>)
21:55:53 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3514.5, 1890.6, 49.4>)
22:00:52 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3479.0, 1913.3, 85.6>)
22:05:51 | Player "Zachery Neymec" (pos=<3479.7, 1913.8, 85.5>)

Nina Crowe
21:01:04 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<2258.9, 2552.7, 35.3>)
21:06:03 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<2258.2, 2552.7, 35.3>)
21:11:02 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<2690.0, 2376.0, 31.5>)
21:16:01 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3360.1, 1895.8, 46.6>)
21:21:00 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3525.9, 1889.1, 81.6>)
21:25:59 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3517.5, 1897.4, 92.5>)
21:30:58 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3518.0, 1897.0, 92.0>)
21:35:57 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3518.2, 1896.8, 92.0>)
21:40:56 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3530.0, 1939.1, 50.8>)
21:45:55 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3525.8, 1890.0, 92.0>)
21:50:54 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3516.6, 1889.1, 92.5>)
21:55:53 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3517.0, 1889, 92.0>)
22:00:52 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3517.0, 1889.0, 92.0>)
22:05:51 | Player "Nina Crowe" (pos=<3517.0, 1889.0, 92.0>)

Mako Ellis
21:01:04 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3118.1, 2316.1, 36.3>)
21:06:03 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<2293.1, 2674.2, 38.1>)
21:11:02 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<2402.4, 2956.1, 64.7>)
21:16:01 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3024.4, 2689.8, 48.4>)
21:21:00 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3390.0, 2518.6, 53.5>)
21:25:59 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3712.1, 2766.0, 116.1>)
21:30:58 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3654.5, 2076.3, 19.0>)
21:35:57 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3589.4, 2102.6, 32.3>)
21:40:56 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3476.7, 1902.5, 85.0>)
21:45:55 | Player "Mako Ellis" (pos=<3465.8, 1904.8, 85.4>)

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:

@Luca | Luca Thijs | OP
@Zanaan | Daniil Turgenev | POSTED
@Eagles| Atlas Griffin |
@Mason | Zachery Neymec |
@Morytania  | Nina Crowe | POSTED

@Limeindy | Mako Ellis |

If either party wishes to talk out the situation in voice feel free to contact any of our staff team, and we can mediate a talk between both sides.

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  • Administrator

Due to the recent disregard for the rules and toxic attitude via discord direct messages between myself and the accused, the accused of this report has now been permanently banned from this server.

//Solved - Permanently banned

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